The Eccentric Family Review

Yasaburou is the third son in a tanuki family living in Kyoto, Japan. Aside from the usual human residents, the city is a maze of other tanuki, tengu and various “magical items” that attempt to ignore each other while also interacting on a daily basis. Despite his father having been a great leader, and his older brother’s dreams of following suit, Yasaburou really just wants his life to be interesting. Unfortunately, he might get more than he bargains for when facts concerning his father’s death come to light.

We see a lot of slap stick stuff in here, a few bloody noses and scrapes. Nothing too serious, actually.

The usual YA stuff, d-mns, sh-ts and the occasional b-word.

This series almost got a WZ for this section. Aside from some crude jokes (the old man is kinda a pervert), there’s also a part where a woman strips and swims with a whale naked (no details shown) and a bath scene or two. It doesn’t quite cross the line, but when paired with the jokes it can be awkward now and again. Defiantly a YA title.

Youkai are a common element of this series, so if that bothers you, skip this show. There are also mentions of Japanese gods here and there. Again, as common with Japan, no deep explanations or doctrines are given.

Personal impression:
I enjoyed this show, though I must admit it wasn’t the most exciting run for me. This series is very laid back and, although it’s entertaining, there were expanses where I wasn’t entirely sure if anything actually happened. By the tail end of the series, things pick up, but it’s defiantly a slow starter. It also seeks to show, don’t tell, especially with its characters. This means that not everyone is well explained and even tiny details told in passing could mean a great deal, so it’s not a show you can zone out to. Unless you want to miss import bits of info. It also has a nice run of comedy that keeps event he darker scenes bright.
The art is a bit odd and fits the tone of the show: casual. The music is rather unremarkable, though, like the art, it fits well enough.
While those deep in the anime/Japanese culture find this title spellbinding, I just simply felt it was an enjoyable watch. Not bad by any means, but I wouldn’t really call it stellar. If you like shows with a laid back vibe and artsy flare, you’ll probably enjoy this title. Just don’t come looking for a fast paced plot. It takes time for this train to get going, although, once it does, it has a very even pace.

Personal rating: Young adult

Episodes: 13
Languages: Sub
Official rating: TV14
Genre(s): Fantasy, comedy, drama
Company: NIS America
Legal streaming: Crunchyroll
 photo e1_zpsb760d70d.jpg photo e3_zpsb6d7aa94.jpg photo e2_zps7bca85c4.jpg


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