Warning Zone: Black Butler

The why:
This show should have a solid M rating, period. But the fact that FUNimation marks it as TV14/M is just… wow. Although it’d be easier to list how this series isn’t M worthy (or worse), here’s a quick run down on why this show is WZed.

Aside from the leading scenes that imply sex, there is one very obvious instance of sexual foreplay (with a nun, no less), a topless scene (yeah, boobs), the gutting of prostitutes and sexual relationship undertones with a minor. And that’s just season one. Season two is even worse with outright child rape, abuse, and nudity. This series shouldn’t have TV14 anywhere on it.

Personal thoughts:
The fact that a few friends and family of mine love this show compelled me to check it out. To say I’m horrified at how many underage fans (thirteen being the most common age) this series has would be a gross understatement. This series is worse than Ghost in the Shell: SAC season one and that’s saying a lot. It doesn’t help matters that the show is unrealistic in its Victorian setting (see poor Watson’s post over at Otaku Lounge for more on that) and has a large cast of rather predicable characters. The only interesting aspect would be the main character’s past, but it’s stretched out too far and ends up being pretty ridiculous after so much build up. The animation and music are all sub-par as well, leaving this series with very little in the unique department aside from being far too inappropriate for its rating.

Overall, I can’t see how one could fully enjoy this show without getting creepy crawlies under your skin (not the good kind, either). But to each their own, I suppose. Just remember, if you plan on watching it, be well warned. This is not a kids show. In ANY way.



One thought on “Warning Zone: Black Butler

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