Sengoku Basara Review

There is no way the feuding war lords of Japan would join forces. Unless a terrifying and honor-less foe were to appear. Now multiple leaders, each violently apposed to the other, must combine their powers to fight a far greater evil threatening to cover all of Japan in darkness: The Demon Lord.

This is a samurai show so be ready for characters getting stabbed to death, sliced, etc. There’s also a seriously bad dude who drinks wine (at least I think it is) from a skull. The wine is red. Yeah, kinda gross. You see blood pretty much every episode so if violence makes you queasy, skip this one.

Pretty standard stuff. D-mns, sh-ts and b-words in the heat of battle. Although, since fighting is so common in this title, you get the ol’ “illegitimate son” word more than some YA titles.

We don’t get any outright nudity, but we do get fanservice. All the female characters are pretty busty and one, in particular, is ever wearing a tight bodysuit that has a huge V-cut down the middle. Soooo, lots of cleavage. Also, she’s kinda infatuated with her “master” so there are more than a few scenes where she’s kinda high on his mere presence. It’s played as a joke, but it’s definitely an awkward thing for others to walk in on.

Characters talk of the will of gods  and evil and such, but there’s not really any religion to it so much as just tradition. In any case, no explanations on gods are given.

Personal impression:
I watched this oddity back when FUNimation was just rolling out their dub, so it’s been quite a few years. But I didn’t need to do a skim over to refresh my memory on the extreme ludicrousy of it all (I now claim that as a word regardless of what my browser tells me). That’s the strong point of this show. The over-the-top zaniness of the characters, situations and the world itself. Oh sure, there are some familiar names and places and fights from Japanese history in there, buried under all the crazy metal horses and machine guns and sword fights that somehow cause nuclear fusion. Yet this series really only uses those points as an after thought. It’s really all coming from the over-imaginative mind of a bored kid in Japanese history class. Having an old war hero riding a metal horse is more memorable, after all.
This show is truly a beat-em-up all the way through. But it’s the delirious insanity added to it all that makes this show fun to watch. The corny dialog, over dramatic lines, Joker-esque villains, all makes this show still rather fun to watch despite not really doing anything all that unique story-wise.
If you like laughing at old, corny, over-done samurai movies, you just might like this one. But if you like serious or deep shows, I’d skip it. This really doesn’t fit in that mold. Go in for the fights, guns, swords and warped history turned fantasy. Otherwise you’ll just be confused.
(You’ll noticed the confused official rating down there. Seems FUNimation’s channels can’t agree. Hulu has most of the series marked as M while YouTube marks them as TV14)

Personal rating: Young adult

Episodes: 12 (this review only covers season one)
Languages: Sub and dub
Official rating: TV14/M
Genre(s): Action, comedy, fantasy
Company: FUNimation
Legal streaming: Hulu and FUNimation’s YouTube
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3 thoughts on “Sengoku Basara Review

  1. I do so adore this series. And I’m not a fan of battle shows or even necessarily action shows in general, so it speaks a lot as to just how funny I found Sengoku Basara that I loved the entire thing. Every so often, titles like this (and Kill la Kill also comes to mind as an example) manage to come along and shatter all my usual tastes with their outright insanity.

    • I was like that with School Rumble. It professes to be a Rom Com, but it reeeeally isn’t. It’s pretty much pure outrageous comedy. Which I am more than on board for. ;)

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