Wizard Barristers Review

Cecil Sudo is a Wud, a person who was born with the ability to use magic. But after a tragic accident as a child that wrongfully imprisoned her mother, the girl made it her life goal to become a Wizard Barrister, one who speaks on behalf of Wuds in a court of law. But being the youngest Wizard Barrister ever is the least of Cecil’s problems when she joins a law firm in Japan. Her biggest problem is not getting involved in every case that happens her way and drawing too much attention to herself.

As to be expected from a show with magic, the violence isn’t too unexpected. We see a few scenes with people getting shot and kicked around. But the main worry for this section is in the stuff at the very end and, since there’s no way not to spoil it writing this review, I’ll just out with it (as a comfort, they tried to have this plot twist as a big shocker near the end, but they waited too long and just ended up looking ridiculous. You’re not missing out on an awesome twist by spoiling it, I assure you).
Ready? In a ritual to summon Lucifer (you weren’t ready, were you?) many lives have to be sacrificed, thus many of the dudes chanting in the room crumple down to the floor, scream in pain and blood seems to come from their eyes. It’s not detailed, distant shots primarily, but it is disturbing, to say the least.

Typical YA fare. You got the usual d-mns and sh-ts and then some b-words for good measure cause that makes a show sooo much more mature.

Pervy frog thing and co-worker time. Yep, the mascot character for this show is a frog thing that’s always trying to grab the main character’s boobs or butt. The co-worker is the same and she also makes more than a few leading comments and innuendo jokes. The main character doesn’t help the fan service issue by wearing tight clothing or just a towel at home. More than one scene has gotten painfully close to showing way too much. This should have been my cue to drop the show. Heaven knows why I ignored that sign.

As mentioned in the violence section, the tail end of this show reveals that a cult is attempting to summon Lucifer and use its power to take over the world (you have no idea how much I want to be joking). As if this isn’t enough, the show indicates the mechs some Wuds can summon, as well as the familiar things (aka mascot characters), are also summoned through the demon realm. Add body possession to the mix and you’ve got a show that seemed to change its goal from a magical law show to a supernatural action flick about five episodes from its end.

Personal impression:
This was possibly one of the worst shows I managed to trudge through this past streaming season. Why I stuck it out is anyone’s guess. I suppose I had hopes it would pull itself out of the hole it was digging. No such luck. Which was an honest to goodness shame as the set up had a lot to offer. A Law and Order-like show set in a world where magic exists? You can do tons with that. Too bad they decided to take the magic, blow it out of proportion and throw us a huge chuck of cliché nasty at the end. I suppose the aim was to shock the audience. But between that and the animation budget plummeting, well, it just left a really bad taste in my mouth.
And when I say the animation dropped it really dropped. The second to last episode, the big climax, was almost a slideshow. In all my years as an anime fan, I’ve NEVER seen such a poor job in a show. The production was high throughout most of the show, so I’m guessing they just ran out last minute. As if the turd of a “plot twist” wasn’t enough to kill this show for me, the endless still shots with random dialog and sounds continuing on as normal was just… painful. More than once I checked my internet connection. But it wasn’t me. It was their financial team dropping the ball big time.
The first few episodes, although strung through with clichés, had some amount of promise. But if you have anything better to watch, and I mean ANYTHING, I highly suggest you don’t give this show the light of day. Whatever unique possibilities this show had were killed about halfway through and replaced with more clichés and pitiful animation right when the high animation, the kind they wasted on pointless fanservice earlier, was needed the most.

Personal rating: Young adult

Episodes: 12
Languages: Sub
Official rating: TV14
Genre(s): Fantasy, action, mecha
Company: Showgate
Legal streaming: Crunchyroll
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