Hamatora Review

Nice has a special ability, called a “minimum,” that only a few humans are born with. But rather than use it to aid the government or save lives, he creates Hamatora, a group full of others much like himself who can be hired to do, well, nearly anything. But once a serial killer targeting those with “minimum” is on the loose, Nice must join up with the police and past clients to track down the killer before the entire city is engulfed in pure chaos.

Overall the violence is normal enough, save for near the end where a character explodes, blood raining down everywhere. I’ve seen more graphic things, even so, it’s not light viewing. Definitely YA level violence here.

Typical stuff in this corner. D-mn, sh-ts and the occasional b-word during a fight. Nothing new (much like the show at large, actually).

Aside from a scene in which young kids try to grab onto a well-endowed female’s boobs (I don’t even anymore), not much goes here, surprisingly. The worst this show gets would be this whole deal with a guy who likes other guys and can enamor them with his sweat (I swear I can’t even dream this junk up during a fever). The whole thing is pretty much a joke episode, so we’re blissfully spared any serious fanservice in this show. A “Nice” break…. Get it? Nice? As in the character’s name? Ahaha…

One of the characters says a prayer to God before he “transforms,” and the villain mentions God/fate more than once in an attempt to be all deep and junk. There’s nothing in this show that seeks to convert, however. And it’s all vague anyway. Makes one wonder why the creators even bothered putting it in at all…

Personal impression:
I’ll be clear, this series had an interesting angle in that characters had to preform a specific action before they could use their powers and, well, the animation style was pretty. Thaaaat was about it.
Oh, it wasn’t a bad show. Not at all (though the pacing is odd in more than one spot). But it really didn’t have anything riveting to it either. The characters are all stereotypes with nothing to redeem them. Super gifted lead who never messes up? Check. Spacey side female character with a quirk? Check. Side character friend who wants to beat him? Double check. We even got the ol’ huge burly guy and small annoying chick team thrown our way. Oh and the villain is the typical crazy with a weird semi-sexual-ish fixation on the hero story.
Again, this all isn’t really bad, it’s just nothing new. For what the show is, an action/bit o’ mystery show, it’s decent. And the animation is steady throughout (unlike some shows I could mention). It just doesn’t really do anything interesting beyond that.
If you like action shows with psychotic villains, this is a fun run. It just might not be all that memorable after watching it. Except for the ending theme, which is surprisingly quite excellent.

Personal rating: Young adult

Episodes: 12
Languages: Sub
Official rating: TV14
Genre(s): Fantasy, action, mystery
Company: TV Tokyo
Legal streaming: Crunchyroll
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