Extra: One More Crazy to the Crew

Man, I wish this pic was accurate. No dice. Kid shot up like mad in high school. But I swear I’m the older one. I swear!

Once upon a time, when someone mentioned an anime, I could give my impression of said show. Yes. Back when dinosaurs roamed the earth, I knew of and/or had watched most of the shows that were coming out.Those days are long gone. The great part of that is: more shows! The bad part is: I can’t keep up. Not by a long shot.

So I’m happy to report that I have enlisted a fiend of mine, who also happens to be my brother, to make an occasional contribution.

Kyle Davis, also known as BlackWater here, is a highly skilled computer programer and web designer. He recently launched his own company, KDigital, with the aim of allowing authors and comic artists a way to publish their work digitally worldwide and retain all rights themselves (no more selling your soul to a company). But he doesn’t just write code all day. He’s also a lover of animation, literature and pretty much any score written by John Williams (Daniel Ingram is pretty high on his fav list too).

Once upon a time I used to be the one who watched a show first to make sure it was appropriate for him to watch (older siblings unite!). Now we’re both adults and our tastes in shows vary, meaning he’s watched quite a few shows I have not. He won’t be writing reviews for this site regularly, but I hope you enjoy a break from my viewpoint now and again when the blue moon rises. And the first scheduled rising is this coming Monday. Enjoy!

Interested in being a guest writer?
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