Extra: Bad Girl

I’ve talked about the typical timid girl type in anime before, even about the disturbing trends that play off guys as chivalrous when they think girls must always “look down” to be acceptable. But I have yet to look at the “bad” ladies of anime. So, let’s lake a bit of a leer – look! – at two of the most, well, common and cringe-worthy. At the moment.

Sexy Laaaaady
This is by far the most common female villain type, and as we’re talking about Japan here we can’t blame comic books (they do have some serious issues in this area though). Big boobs, tight outfits and sultry voices are a staple here. They also tend to make leading comments to fluster the heroes and fight scenes waver between putting them and their foe in compromising situations and being hyper violent. Which is hilarious as any girl with a large chest will tell you that them things need serious binding before one can do any jumping around with a sword or gun. Seriously, that’s a lot of weight to deal with there. I mean, just look at poor Lust from Fullmetal Alchemist. Dang.
There are some very painful points to this type. Mainly in the fact that if a woman in anime is hyper sexy, and not in that kid innocent loli with boobs type of way but one who knows she’s hot and uses it for her own purposes, she must be a villain. This implies that women who are well aware of themselves and their sexuality are dangerous to society and cannot be trusted. This is more sharply driven into our brains as many anime heroines are pure and completely idiotic when it comes to sexy time, often looking down every other sentence, blushing constantly and getting flustered whenever a male looks at them for more than a second. Society’s little propaganda magic: innocence is good, sexuality is bad. Or, at the very least, earns you that coveted (enter sarcasm here) heroine’s overstrung and painfully single for good reason best friend role.

The Ambiguous
A more recent trend, these characters are pushed as male, but heaven knows if they are. Often they either identify as neither or may even be inhuman and thus don’t have a gender at all. Creatures like Envy, from Fullmetal Alchemist (revealed as originally male in the original run, but left a question mark in Brotherhood), and the main villain from Gatchaman Crowds (pictured above). I decided to go ahead and include this one as it posses another painful twist: that anything we can’t put into its proper box must, therefore, be bad. Which makes it really suck to be an alien who doesn’t even understand the concept of gender. Seriously now.
You can also dump the crazies into this category as many girls with extreme quirks and ticks end up in this weird, villain and not-sure-if-love-you-not-sure-if-kill-you ambiguous state.

Like most things in media, there’s a strong pull to conform to general society standards. In the case of anime, to conform to what Japan thinks is “normal.” Which means you unique ladies with extremes? Sorry, but you got two choices: crazy friend for comic relief or villain. Heaven forbid we have a heroine who is complex enough to be aware of her sexual appeal and be conflicted about it, knowing that using it to her advantage might be easier, but also being sickened by the thought that her chest is all anyone sees when all she really wants is just to run after her dreams, gender be damned. That’s a bit much for the populace to take in, it seems.


2 thoughts on “Extra: Bad Girl

  1. Ugh, YES. To both of these types of ‘bad girls’, but the first one especially annoys me. I feel like I’ve been running into this stereotype a LOT lately – although in all fairness, it’s not just an anime-only thing; I’ve been noticing the same in plenty of live-action Hollywood movies as well. Still, that’s hardly an excuse, and it’s been getting to me more and more as of late. Captain Earth is absurdly guilty of this, to provide another very recent current anime example – and that’s a real shame, because I would have credited the names behind the show with more intelligence and originality than that. :(

  2. Ha ha!, well, yeah that can be. Honestly though, I’d rather have a villain who knows what she or he is than a perverted heroine or hero who can barely distinguish between those who are genuinely his/her friends from those who would just seek their body in lust. (yeah, I’m looking at those non-“straight” side-kicks)

    There does tend to be that, so why? Anime has always been a place you can envision anything at all. So why not like our Hollywood in the states present the best fitted….umm…best…umm..yeah…you know as what is preferable? Why must the Arias, the Minokos, the Kurisu’s of Steins;Gate all be under that threshhold? (obviously being of the male persuasion this is kinda awkward to write. xD)

    Perhaps the answer goes back to the purpose behind the images for Anime. Is being the most beautiful what defines the character? Or can the Aria’s of this world be just as appealing? Personally, I’d prefer that the…..uh…yeah….would be the main Heroines in more than just the Ecchi trash shows myself, but they are there. Say Bleach anyone?

    Hey, on a brighter note, here’s a fun list to laugh over:

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