Engaged to the Unidentified Review

Kobeni has always lived somewhat in the shadow of her overprotective and extremely popular sister. She never gave much thought to her own future, being too busy taking care of her single mother and rushed sister. But when a mysterious young man shows up, claiming to be her betrothed, she realizes she must face both her future and her past.

Nothing too extreme here. We find the male lead has a scare from an old injury, but we never see it. Besides seeing a small cut or so, and slapstick of course, there’s really no violence in this show.

As this show is a romantic comedy, the language isn’t heavy in this one. Mostly d-mns and such. But there is one or two instances of the b-word. Quite light overall.

We don’t see much in this category. But we do hear a lot of leading comments, mainly from Kobeni’s older sister, who has a very unhealthy fixation on younger girls. Including her sister. Yeah. Not ok. Most of the comedy is played off of her, which splits people into two teams: those who are very insulted by her and those that laugh loudly at her. Also, Kobeni has a huge chest, as to be expected. And, yeah, it’s commented on a lot.

Little bit of a spoiler here, though the title should tip you off. Multiple characters in this show are not human. They’re implied to be some kind of youkai, but we never really see what they truly are. They have healing and transformation abilities, though. If this bugs you, steer clear. Especially as a “normal” human girl gets engaged to one.

Personal impression:
My discription makes it sound a wee-bit darker than it is. In actuality, this is a rather bright and fun show that really doesn’t focus too much on the deeper issues of the characters. A shame as I would have loved to see Kobeni really face her inferiority to her sister, but whatever. This show would much rather play up the sweetness of the couple and the comedy of the older sister. Although, as I said, whether or not the sister is actually funny is a matter of taste.
Thankfully, there are other comedic moments outside of her, balancing things out a bit. Also, the sweet moments with the romantic couple are actually, well, sweet. The male lead isn’t a perv either, a nice touch.
The art and music are all typical for a show like this, nothing fancy. But cute and bright. So if you like romantic comedies, heavy on the comedy part, this show is a nice distraction. Just don’t exact a show as nice as Love Lab, a previous work by this studio. This title isn’t quite as unique.

Personal rating: Young adult

Episodes: 12
Languages: Sub
Official rating: TV14
Genre(s): Comedy, romance
Company: Toho
Legal streaming: Crunchyroll
 photo ettu1_zpsa9c406ce.jpg photo ettu2_zpsec37d2e6.jpg photo ettu3_zps885d7d5b.jpg


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