Extra: Oh my, how very embarrassing!

shockYou may have noticed two things. One, I have not posted in quite some time. Two, the images on my site are completely messed up.

Baby, it’s not you, it’s me.

Over the last month I’ve been dealing with multiple bug invasions to my home, issues with my driver’s license and getting a new job. Good news is: I have a new job! Bad news is: I’ve clearly neglected all else.
I’m currently working on some posts to get this beast of a review site back up and running (tons of streaming shows have just finished up, after all), but that brings me to issue number two.
My poor little images.

Now I know pictures aren’t the end all be all to a site. Except, they sorta are. Ever tried to read an all text blog? Try it sometime. It hurts. Kinda a lot. As such, I’ve always tried to include at least one, if not multiple, images in my posts to ease reading and also because anime ties into art itself quite a bit. Pictures are actually all over my page, which makes it a big deal when my image dumping site just doesn’t cut it anymore.

There is a silver lining to all this. My images aren’t working because I’m getting too much traffic on here. Meaning my site is doing just what it’s supposed to do: help anime fans get the info they’re looking for efficiently and, hopefully, enjoyably. But that does leave me with a nasty problem. I now require an image housing site that can handle a decent traffic flow. That means a paid subscription (for the interim I’ll be using what free space is available to me via WordPress). Now that I have a job, I can handle that, but knowing where to start is overwhelming.

So, my dear readers (many of which are amazing bloggers themselves), do you have image housing site recommendations for me? I know WordPress offers premium services, but I’ve so far seen them as a bit pricey for what they offer. Although, this info may be outdated by now. Any info/tips I can get on this would be lovely.

In the mean time: stay tune for a review coming up in about… oh, say, an hour or so. ;)


3 thoughts on “Extra: Oh my, how very embarrassing!

    1. inrosegalaxy

      One of my close friends just returned from Japan and her story of those centipede things… that’s just not right. As bad as our flying ants get here (as big as bees), I’ll gladly take those over centipedes of ANY kind. ><

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