Extra: Bit of an upset?

I don’t believe I spoke much about the shows I started to watch during the recent streaming season and my expectations of them. However, there was a reason. As lack-luster as the winter line up had been, this last line up was even more unimpressive. Of course, if you’re into strange art forms and such, Ping Pong was supposed to be the show this year. But although I like to venture off the beaten path once in awhile, I’m afraid that particular show was a bit too much out of my way. Thus my line up was composed of the following shows. And my last impressions of them weren’t exactly what I saw coming…

kawai complexThe Kawai Complex Guide to Manors and Hostel Behavior
First impression:
This is going to be a dumb humor show straight through, isn’t it? At least it’s nice and bright. I like shiny things.

Last impression:
That was actually… sweet? Wait, how’d we go from a whacked comedy piece that was often funny and slightly disturbing to a sweet and honest romance with a strong female character? I don’t know how this happened, but I’m glad it did. Surprise number one goes to this show right here. And a nice surprise at that.

world is still beautifulThe World is Still Beautiful
First impression:
More run of the mill romance, except with far less comedy and a bit more creepy due to a serious age gap with the romantic leads.

Last impression:
The age gap really doesn’t go away, but I was surprised and happy with the end. Although a few romance cliches get thrown in there, they don’t really fall out the way most shows do, with tons of useless drama. The heroine is surprisingly practical and honest, cutting down on the drama by quite a bit. It wasn’t as big of a surprise as Kawai Complex, but it was nice enough. Too bad it ended in bit of a lull.

no game no lifeNo Game, No Life
First impression:
Oh, shiny! I can really do without the fanservice stuff, but this might actually be a bit of fun. Tad slow though.

Last impression:
Holy snickerdoodles, that was a fun ride! Out of the main shows I stuck with this last season, this one ended up as my favorite. Although it wasn’t quite enough to break records and end up on my Top Anime Of All Time list, it was a show with a great depth of imagination. Once it actually got moving. World conquest without any blood spilt? Genius players restricted to no magic or cheating pitted against those that use both relentlessly? Oh, this I can get behind. Definitely.

one week friendsOne Week Friends
First impression:
A nice soothing color palette and sweet characters and gentle pacing… This looks like it’ll be the better show this season. A nice, though slow, romance. Not too much drama and no disgusting innuendo comedy to hack through.

Last impression:
Another surprise, but not a very good one. This show actually turned out to be on the bottom of my “like list” for this season. While it started out sweet, and though we do indeed skip over any uncomfortable innuendo garbage (I love the lack of boob jokes, I really do), it pretty much just… frizzled out. The last stretch of the show was bogged down in depressing drama that destroyed the brighter tones the show began with and derailed the main plot into not accomplishing anything at all. It’s also a very forgettable ending. More than one other viewer bemoaned how the side characters had a better romance going down than the main characters. And I’m sad to say I totally agree with that. Can we just get a second season with the side characters, please? Cause they were cute as hell.

Although no show this past season really knocked my socks off, three out of four did manage to leave a nice taste in my mouth. Which is a far better record than last season. Yeah, I’ll be more than grateful if a show like Wizard Barristers never happens again. That just plain hurt.

(Stay tuned to this blog for full reviews of the above series!)

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