One Week Friends Review

one week friendsStory:
Yuki Hase kinda sorta has a crush on quiet girl Kaori Fujimiya. But when he tries approaching her and asks to be her friend, he is immediately shot down. Determined not to lose, he makes his way to the school roof to eat lunch with her. But he soon finds out why it is that Fujimiya is so often alone. Every week her memories of her friendships reset, leaving her with no knowledge of those she holds dear.

This is a calm slice-of-life and thus there really isn’t any violence on screen at all. We know through flashbacks and such that one character was hit by a car when she was small. We never actually see the damage done, however.

This section is pretty light. Aside from a few scare d-mns and such, there’s not much to report.

Another section that can be left largely blank. No busty characters exist in this show (a nice little break) and there really isn’t any fanservice either.

If you were really bored (and likely pretty lonely to boot) you could probably come up with some ridiculous notion stating that Fujimiya’s memory loss is some commentary on current societies reaching for closeness without ever truely knowing those we love most or some such tripe. To be honest, this show is as straight forward as it comes and there’s simply no theology prattle at all to be had in this show. Unless, of course, you’re exceptionally bored (and lonely).

Personal impression:
Let’s cut to the chase. This show was set up to be the strongest of last season’s line up. It ended up as the weakest. And that last genre tag is why. Drama.
Now I get that pretty much every romance show has this. Action does, as well as quite a few other categories. Drama exists, in some form, in nearly every story. But too much of it is crippling. One Week Friends started out rather light hearted and warm, with a slow moving friendship that was actually building up over time. Then drama happened and closed every door of possibility this show was creaking open. Weighted down by Fujimiya’s past, the last, not half, not third, but quarter (never introduce major plot elements to the last quarter of your story. Never) of the show ended up in a sinking pit of doom of which the last episode barely managed to keep the leads’ heads high enough for air. But overall it wasn’t enough. With the light tones it began with gone, the end frizzled out and left a depressing note ringing in my ears.
As a writer, I do understand and appreciate that not all tales have a happy ending. But it’s one thing to naturally be lead to that lesser state and another for it to be painfully clear that the creators did so on purpose, thinking they could wrap it all up, and only just realizing last minute that, no, they don’t have the time and a rush ending must be rushed. What smiles existed in the last episode were forced. Brutally so. To say nothing of the intentions of the hero being thrown into question (so, it wasn’t about friendship at all, was it?).
Although the music and art remain laid back and nice throughout, the inconsistent story made this show a bore to me. But, hey. Those side characters were pretty adorable. Now that was an OTP. Too bad we didn’t get more of them instead.
(Note: Due to there being nothing really objectionable in this show, it’s rated pretty young. But young audiences would likely be bored to death by the subject matter. Just sayin’.)

Personal rating: All ages

Episodes: 12
Languages: Sub
Official rating: PG
Genre(s): Slice-of-life, romance, drama
Company: Toho
Legal streaming: Crunchyroll




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