The World is Still Beautiful Review

world is still beautifulStory:
Princess Nike may belong to a vastly poor country, but she has some amount of pride. Enough to know that if her country needs an ally, she’s more than prepared to give everything she has to secure her nation’s future. Even if that means she must be married off to the Sun King, whom she has never even met. With her power of rain as her only defense, Princess Niki travels to the land of the sun, praying for the best and expecting the worst.

There are some assassinations, planned murder and cuts with blood. But that’s as bad as it ever gets. Black Cat has more violence, so this aspect isn’t all that bad.

Aside from the usual d-mns and shits (with one or two instances of the b-word), this show doesn’t have anything to worry much about.

This is the part that ranks this a 10+ instead of all ages (beside the one instance of the b-word). You have a few “jealous of your larger chest” jabs, the young king sleeping in the nude (“supposedly,” as we never see lower than the stomach), a court member who is known for being a womanizer and is actually shown in one scene naked in bed (again, only the stomach up).

The two kingdoms we see in the show have very different world views that hinge on what they are known for. The rain kingdom is known for.. that. And The Sun Kingdom is known for, well, the sun. We don’t know much on the religion of the rain kingdom, but the sun kingdom seems to worship the sun (big shock). The “how” isn’t really explained at all, but there is a temple, priests and theology on whether rain does or doesn’t disrespect the sun.

Personal impression:
I was honestly surprised a bit by this title. Sure it still follows the major shoujo lines, but at least the heroine has a bit more to her than the last few shoujo shows have had. She doesn’t fall for drama instantly like most heroines do these days and she has a habit of cutting straight to the point. Which quickly takes care of most silly shoujo plot points in record time.
That said, this show in and of itself isn’t that unique. The parts that are, such as the political maneuvering and finding ways to both honor Nike’s traditions/powers and the sun king’s authority, are never pulled to their full potential. A shame as those parts were pretty interesting. But, alas, the art, music and story are rather bland overall. In fact, the music is very bland. Nike “sings” to bring the rain, but her music is traditional pop with random English thrown in for no good reason. Which really takes away from the feel of the show. Badly.
Again, this show is decent for a shoujo title. The heroine has a personality and there’s even actual character development by the end. So if you like romance titles, this is a good one to try out. Especially if the reign of wimpy, spineless shoujo heroines is getting you down.

Personal rating: 10+

Episodes: 12
Languages: Sub
Official rating: PG
Genre(s): Fantasy, romance
Company: NTV
Legal streaming: Crunchyroll
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