Blue Spring Ride Review

Tanaka Kou disappeared from Futaba’s life in middle school, just as it seemed she might begin to have a deeper relationship with her crush. After being stood up, Futaba enters high school committed to not being girlish to avoid bullying and possibly being hurt by boys again. Until Kou reappears in her life. At her school. And calls out her fake life and shallow “friendships.” So much for keeping a low profile.

The violence in this show is pretty non-existent as it’s a slice of life. So besides a character scraping a knee, nothing here to fear.

Some average stuff here, like d-mns and sh-ts. A few b-words, but only once or twice. Most of this show is free of coarse language.

Another area you need not fear. A few implying jokes and one character brings up how girls shouldn’t walk around alone at night. But no nudity is shown and the above points are very light.

Aside from the tradition of having a picture and memorial cabinet dedicated to passed away family members, there’s not much to put here. Like many Japanese traditions, it’s not explained, just seen for a few seconds.

Personal impression:
Aside from the last two episodes feeling a tad rushed, this was a pretty amazing show. I’m not overly fond of shoujo, but I did enjoy this due to it having a common bond with another solid title: Kimi No Todoke. Both shows focus far more on the main characters forming healthy relationships with others first, before diving into romance. That said, due to one of the main characters having so much emotional baggage, there was even less romance in this title. I have to say I was indeed impressed with how they handled most of Kou’s issues, which are heavy topics anime usually shies away from (honestly, how many titles handle divorce? Most just kill parents off). Although the last two episodes were rushed, it kept focus on where it was most needed, instead of tumbling off into half-hearted romantic drivel and ending up in the Confusion Blender (*cough*OneWeekFriends*cough*).
The art and music are all pretty average for today’s standards. Nothing really strands out much, but it’s not bad either. Just decent. Thankfully the characterization makes up for that a bit.
So while this isn’t the most action-packed pick, nor the most deep, Blue Spring Ride is a solid drama that has heart. A healthy one too.

Personal rating: 10+

Episodes: 12
Languages: Sub
Official rating: TVPG
Genre(s): Slice of life, drama
Company: Toho
Official streaming: Crunchyroll


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