Extra: Fall 2014 lineup

Other bloggers have noticed that this streaming season is abnormally slow, more so than ever before, and I agree. Often I start out sampling around five or six shows, only keeping three or so on my viewing list to finish. This time, however, I only managed to find interest in three shows to sample. And while they look decent enough, there’s no doubt that this is going to be a rather dry streaming season.
As such, I’ve taken on a few shows to try that have already been out for various amounts of time. But more on that later. For now, let’s got over the fall shows!

whensupernaturalWhen Supernatural Battles Become Commonplace 
I must say, I didn’t expect this comedy to be all that funny. But it has some decent enough jokes, though quite a few are very dead-pan, so be warned if that isn’t your thing. There was definately a slight Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya air to it, though it’s even less serious of a show and has the “carefree” feels amped up far higher. The characters are all pretty predictable and straightforward, with the art and music being nothing unique either.
There are some surprisingly serious aspects to this show, however. And I was shocked to find how well done they were. Though we’re still a bit too early in the show to have a great deal of stock in the characters, seeing one character broken hearted after a misunderstanding, trying to hide her tears of disappointment by looking up and blinking rapidly, actually connected a bit with me. It’s extremely hard for a comedy based show to get stong emotional reactions out of an audience, especially this early on, so I gotta give em props for that. Even so, this kind of show really can’t be expected to be too serious too often. And I worry that it might dissolve into a show like If Her Flag Breaks, a series I never even finished due to it forgetting it was light comedy and trying to be far more serious than it had any right to be.

yona-of-the-dawnYona of the Dawn
Gotta have a shoujo for the season and, thankfully, this one looks like it might actually have a decent story and heroine! Although shoujo series set during this era/setting (this appears to be a fantasy realm based loosely on feudal Japan) tend to be painful to get through due to their overabundance of cliché material, I’m giving this one a shot due to simply having that few options this season.
And I’m glad I did. Unlike most shows of this genre, the dark elements of the plot are actually touching the heroine and, for now, being taken quite seriously. The flash forwards also show the heroine so vastly different in personality from the “current” (aka her past self) version you see most of the time, that there seems to be promises of decent character development. An element I’m looking forward to a great deal. Only time will tell if this show can keep on track and not be derailed by the pull of romantic clichés, however.

gugureGugure! Kokkuri-san
Like When Supernatural Battles, Kokkuri-san is largely a comedy. And it is indeed rather amusing. However, like the before mentioned show, this one also attempts emotional depth rather fast. A bit too fast. We’re talking last half of episode one. And while I admit to being rather cold hearted at times, I think most viewers, no matter how gentle in heart, will find the last half of that pilot episode a bit… off. The entire drama of it hinges on the relationship between the two main characters. However, we’ve had all of twelve minutes with them. Their relationship is nearly non-existent.
That said, the comedy was decent enough to warrant me giving it another episode or two more. Let’s just hope it sticks to comedy though. At least long enough to establish a solid foundation.

And now two shows that are already complete:

wolfsrainWolf’s Rain
On Artemis’s suggestion, I’ve begun trying out a classic in the anime world. And though I’m only one episode in, I must say, it’s impressive. 80’s era opener aside, the show is visually gorgeous and the characters are a bit unexpected and the plot a question mark. Both good things in my case as all too often characters and plot are easy reads episode one, making it hard for me to want to keep watching.
Although only time will tell if this show can be reviewed on here (the violence is rather high), it’s nice to see a bit more effort put into a show. Instead of just updated visuals and little else.

magicawarsMagica Wars
At only four or so minutes an episode, this show is hard to peg. I mean, it seems like a run of the mill magical girl show. And, honestly, the only thing going for it right now is the pretty art. That’s about it. It’s still a bit early for me to tell what it’s trying to do. Or even if it’s doing much of anything at all. There’s a decent chance this show will be dropped, but it’s a weird one (I mean, why was this funded?) so I might stick with it for a bit for curiosity’s sake.

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2 thoughts on “Extra: Fall 2014 lineup

  1. While a lot of bloggers I follow here on WordPress also noted the slow start for this season, most of them seem quite impressed with the overall line-up. Unfortunately I disagree – I was much happier with the summer titles than everyone else apparently was and like you, am not exactly overjoyed with the fall season offerings – but then again, I’ve been busy enough IRL lately that I kind of welcome the change of pace.

    • Same. It IS easier to keep up with, and that is kinda nice. But the choices are so low that if I end up dropping one or two titles due to not enough interest, welp, there goes fall viewing. xD
      Good thing there’s so much out there to stream these days. So there’s always something else to watch. You just have to hunt through old titles.

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