HaNaYaMaTa Review

Naru loves fairy tales. She often spends her days dreaming of being whisked away by a fairy to another world. When she pays a late visit to a nearby shrine and meets what seems to be a Fae dancing among the roofs, she’s sure her wild fantasy of adventure might be granted. But her encounter is with no winged wonder, but a transfer student by the name of Hannah, a lover of Yosakoi dance and committed to pulling Naru into her dancing world of color.

As a slice of life, this show has a very low amount of violence. In fact, there’s really nothing to say in this spot besides a scrape from falling. That’s about it.

Again, nothing to report here. Aside from maybe a sh-t here or there, there’s nothing to fear in this section. Very tame show.

Alright, I’m more than happy to report that we’re in the clear here too. It would have been easy for this show to resort to panty shots at nearly every turn. But we’re spared. This show might have mini skirts, but that’s about as bad as it gets. The teacher at one point records the girls dancing, aiming for their legs to get more views, but other than that…. nothing.

As is usual for these shows, we see the girls around shrines, occasionally even praying there. But no doctrine is spoken of and it’s a pretty rare occurrence. This show is far more focused on dance with a splash of drama than it is about much anything else.

Personal impression:
I’ll admit to being a bit surprised by this title. True, most of what you get I saw coming: cute girls doing cute stuff with pretty colors. But there were a few times of actual heart as well. Some of the characters are actually a bit better written than expected for a show of this caliber. Issues such as living up to parental expectations, separated parents, and sibling misunderstanding/estrangement, show up at various points. Although none of these issues are dealt with quite as deeply as I would have liked, they are somewhat addressed and rather realistically so. The only story issue I really had was with the very end as it seemed badly rushed.
That said, this series was actually decent overall. The characters were nice, the art pretty and the music chipper. It didn’t really excel at anything, but it didn’t really fail either. It pretty much stayed right above the mediocre line. Just enough to keep me watching. If you have a better show to watch, by all means. But if you need a good clean show to dip into, this one is a decent watch.

Personal rating: All ages

Episodes: 12
Language: Sub
Official rating: TVPG
Genre(s): Slice of life, drama
Company: TV Tokyo
Official streaming: Crunchyroll
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