When Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace Review

One normal day, five ordinary (in a sense) high school students suddenly obtain strange super powers without any explanation nor cause. When they realize that there don’t seem to be any threats or other noble causes in which to use these powers, they decide to, well, pretty much kill time with them.

This is a comedy show so the violence is never that high, most of it for humor. But there are a few scenes that have cuts and blood and such. Nothing near the level of FMA, and it’s not common, but it is there.

Pretty low, but there are a few sh-ts, d-mns and one or two b-words.

We never get anything too bad, but we do have more than one well endowed character with plenty of bikini scenes to show it. Aaaand one underage character. Who falls in love with the main male lead. Thankfully said lead doesn’t feel the same, but it’s weird and uncomfortable, so be aware of that.

Besides superpowers and fairies (long story), there’s not much to say here. We do happen to have a male lead obsessed with English words and phrases he doesn’t fully understand. Words like “hell” and “sin” and “devil/satan” are used pretty frequently, almost always in incorrect contexts, simply because he finds them “cool sounding.” If that bugs you, it’d probably be best to skip this show.

Personal impression:
I admit to enjoying this show a bit at times, even laughing now and again. But the uncomfortable episodes further in, where drama became more of a thing, just… kinda weighed it down. Comedy was what the show was better at, through a little drama here and there was fine. But too much just felt off and with the added bit having a darker plot in the background seen only for one episode, it just didn’t end strong. At all.
If you’d like to see a show where superpowers kinda end up being pointless and just used as joke-fuel, this is a fun show to try out. Just be prepared for a few awkward moments…. They’re there. And I’m still not sure how I feel about them….

Personal rating: 10+

Episodes: 12
Language: Sub
Official rating: TVPG
Genre(s): Fantasy, slice-of-life
Company: TV Tokyo
Official streaming: Crunchyroll
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