Kids on the Slope Review

Kids on the SlopeStory:
Classically trained pianist Kaoru hates his new school, and life in general, until he comes face to face with his high school’s most notorious trouble maker, Sentaro. After falling for his kind and soft spoken class representative, Ritsuko, Kaoru finds out that the class delinquent is no ordinary thug, but a lover of jazz and a very talented drummer. Spurned on to proving himself just as good of a musician to his new crush, Kaoru rushes headlong into the world of jazz music.

Sentaro gets into fist fights once in awhile, but overall the violence is pretty low in this show, with only a bit of blood and scratches to let you know some characters are/have been fighting.

B-stard is perhaps the most common curse, but it’s not used too frequently. That said, this show was defiantly not made for younger viewers, so when cursing happens there’s no holding back on it…

Aside from a bath scene with a male character (who gets walked in on), nothing much for this one, strictly speaking. And in that bath scene, fog/water covers any details. There are some implications of a high school girl being sexually involved with a college aged character, but nothing is shown.

Two characters are known as Christians and attend a church. However, it seems Catholic in nature, which may not be what most Americans know as “traditional” Christian religion (it’s put under the same umbrella, but most here in the US separate the two). As usual, that means their ideas of sin and salvation lean more heavily in the Catholic direction as well (sins must be confessed to be forgiven, some are not forgivable, etc). That said, none of those doctrines are pushed, and it’s not discussed in depth.

Personal impression:
I enjoyed this show enough at the start and middle to watch the whole series, but I will willfully admit that the end got heavy on the drama. So heavy that if it had started out like that, I would have dropped it on episode one.
That said, it’s a very well produced show. The music is solid, the art is detailed enough to look modern, but not enough to look busy and the characters are realistic enough to win you over fairly early on. Honestly, if there hadn’t been so much relationship drama at the end (specifically the ol’ character-gets-in-a-car-accident-now-everything-must-change bit), I probably would have put this in a top list. But as it stands, the series ended on a rather depressing and sour note with me… If soap opera stuff doesn’t bother you, you’ll probably like the end, but if you, like me, find that stuff tedious, this show might not be your cup of tea.

Personal rating: Young adult

Episodes: 12
Language: Sub
Official rating: TV14
Genre(s): Slice of life, drama
Company: Sentai Filmworks
Official streaming: Crunchyroll and Hulu



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