My Love Story! Review

my loveStory:
Takeo Goda is the type of guy people instinctively fear because of his massive hight and inhuman strength. It doesn’t help matters that his closest friend, Matoko, tends to draw all the girls to him like moths to a flame. Yet when Takeo saves a young girl named Yamato from a molester on a train, it seems life has turned in his favor as she falls head over heals for her gentle-hearted savior.

There’s not much intended violence. Takeo is a real hero character and protects and saves a few others, which scratches him up from time to time. But it’s nothing graphic.

Due to the gentle nature of the characters, it makes sense that this section is equally tame. Besides an oddball sh-t, nothing much goes in this section.

Another part of this review that will be boring to read: nothing to report. Everything is very clean and sweet and innocent.

Besides mentions of Buddha and seeing temples in Japan and such, nothing going on here..

Personal impression:
This was a surprise favorite for me last streaming season. In a vast sea of overdone, dramatic, soap-opera romances, this show was like a beacon of hope. Full of light comedy and realistic characterization, this show renewed my faith in the potential of the romance genre in anime.
As you probably know if you are an avid reader of my reviews, I’m a firm supporter in realistic romance based on respect and deep friendship. Thankfully this series gives you healthy, heaping doses of both. Takeo’s long time friendship with Makoto is not thrown out the window when he meets and falls in love with Yamato. In fact, it becomes stronger. Yamato also respects and looks after Makoto as her own friend, keeping the cast tied together rather than the fragmented mess more frequently seen in romance shows.
And speaking of friends, Makoto has his own side issues and his non-traditional and practical world views are handled very gracefully as well, another thing I never expected to see in this genre.
All in all, it was beyond refreshing to see a show that took the high road and didn’t create fake scenarios simply to drum up drama, but rather let issues come up and be dealt with naturally in a respectful and loving relationship. Suuuure my cute-metor overloaded a few times, but it was more than worth it to actually look forward to new episodes every week, a feeling I hadn’t had in awhile. If you need some lighter fare, but want to skip the drama so often seen in romance shows, this is a wonderful option.

Personal rating: All Audiences

Episodes: 24
Language: Sub
Official rating: PG
Genre(s): Romance, comedy, drama
Company: Sentai Filmworks
Official streaming: Crunchyroll and Hulu



8 thoughts on “My Love Story! Review

  1. I honestly think the last handful of episodes upped the drama a bit too much with the whole Kouki fiasco, possibly just for lack of anything else to finish on – I mean, does it get any more cliche-drama than Takeo seeing Rinko in another man’s car and jumping to all the wrong conclusions, complete with standing around in the pouring rain looking depressed? – but on the whole I agree; it’s a series that largely skips the theatrics and actually portrays a healthy (!) relationship based on mutual love and respect. Relatively minor quibbles aside, that earns a major tick for me. I don’t think I’ve ever seen another anime quite like it.

    1. inrosegalaxy

      That is very true. However, that whole thing only spans two, maybe three, episodes right at the end so it wasn’t a big deal for me. And it did bring up a nice point: Takeo’s lack of self confidence in romance. Yes, it could have been handled better, but I didn’t really feel like it was flat out wasting my time either. Takeo was very unsure of himself compared to other guys romantically prior to that little arc.
      Again, could have handled better, but still well done for the genre as there was character growth instead of “oh gosh good thing I was wrong cause I had no intention of learning from this anyway” kinda deal.

      1. Yeah, I was more or less willing to overlook that story arc because of those points as well. I wish it had happened earlier on in the anime if it had to happen at all, because it wasn’t the best arc to end on, but as I said, a relatively minor quibble.

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