Is it Wrong to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Review

Bell Cranel became an adventurer for one purpose and one purpose only: girls. His own father met his mother by being a heroic adventurer (or so he claimed) and he taught his son early on that such a road was the easiest way to nab a hot date. Luckily for Bell, his demi-goddess supporter is more than willing to bet everything on her little known hero and makes more than a few deals behind his back to give him a decent shot at the higher dungeon levels. And, luckily for her, Bell has a very unique skill set that actually might allow him to raise her up to a higher goddess status and get him on the same fighting level of the girl of his dreams.

The blood levels of the show rise no higher than most RPG-ish shows, such as .hack or the like. However, more than one character comes close to death and there is blood, so be warned.

Pretty average fare. Some sh-ts, d-mns and a few b-words thrown in for good measure. Nothing too frequent, but enough to keep this in the YA section.

Easily the worst aspect of this show and the reason I nearly didn’t even attempt watching it. Eventually enough hype forced my hand and I was surprised to find that having bouncing boobs is largely (haha) the blunt of it. A few shots showing how large the girls’ hips/butts are compared to their waists, but mostly it’s just the chests. Not too much outright nudity though. Just scantily clothed stuff and characters “accidentally” falling into each other… The usual fanservice tripe, around the same level as Kenichi.

The world is set up so that gods and goddesses support and provide abilities to their chosen warriors. There really isn’t any worship connected to this, however. It’s more like a contract and/or way for people to place bets on who gets further along in the dungeons. Religion, therefore, doesn’t have a lick to do with it.

Personal impression:
Again, I never really intended to try this show out, but the hype around a few token characters changed my mind and I decided to give one episode a go. Now, I won’t go so far as saying that first episode blew me away so then I had to see the rest, but it defiantly wasn’t as insulting as I thought it would be. I had imagined a copy of .hack or, worse, Sword Art Online. But thankfully the creators weren’t as sick and the world was fashioned a biiiit better. Not by much, though.
Really the thing that kept me around was the fact that the hero, despite having an ability that should be a “go directly to GO, collect $200” card, he still had to work hard to accomplish anything. And even with training, he was constantly depending on others to help him out. Basically, he’s not all powerful and, frankly, I found that refreshing.
Another little twist was a bit of political heave-ho between the gods, goddesses and their clans. It was something I didn’t expect a show like this to even attempt and I was happy to see it. Even if it kinda never took off fully before the season ended.
Overall, it didn’t change my life, but was ok enough to play in the background as I got work done late last year. The hero is pretty good character-wise, as is his goddess (shockingly, as most big chested anime characters in harem shows can barely form a unique sentence) and near the climax the fighting was actually decently compelling. However,if you aren’t into this genre, this show won’t hook you. It doesn’t have anything unique enough about it to pull in non-genre fans. But if you like the whole RPG set up, this will be interesting enough. The political tug-and-pull between the gods and goddesses is a nice twist, it’s just too bad it didn’t really go anywhere…

Personal rating: Young adult

Episodes: 13
Language: sub
Official rating: TV14
Genre(s): Adventure, action, drama
Company: Sentai Filmworks
Official streaming: Crunchyroll and Hulu


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