Red Data Girl Review

Izumiko has an interesting little condition. When she tries to interact with technology, she causes them to short-circuit. Born with a rare case that makes her one of the few in her family line able to “house” a goddess within her, Izumiko’s powers tend to be destructive to both electronics and her own person. But when her childhood bully is assigned as her new bodyguard, she must learn to stand up for herself and will her powers under control if she is to claim her life as her own.

Despite true violence not appearing too often, there are a few scenes showing off a decent amount of blood, such as one character that injures her eye very badly and another that gets more than a few cuts while battling a horde. While not as bad as FMA, the violence is at least on par with Black Cat and thus deserves a TV14 rating (instead of the PG rating it seems to have instead).

As usual for a TV14 show, there are a few curse words, such as sh-t and a few b-words throughout, but not terribly frequent.

A surprising aspect of this show, there is nearly no nudity at all. A scene or two where the heroine is wearing a semi-transparent shirt, but it never shows more than her outline and it ends there.

If you read my brief story bit up top, you’ve probably been able to guess that spirits and such play an important role in this show. Now, certain information is given at the end that might imply gods and goddesses are not what most think they are (aka a more reasonable, and human, explain exists), however it’s rushed over and never explained further, leaving more questions than answers. Also, the spirit world and various characters’ interaction with it still takes up the majority of this show. If that idea bothers you, don’t bother with this one. Because to some extent it is always critical to the plot. Also, some characters can preform magic/exoticisms and are shown doing so nearly every episode.

Personal impression:
When this show was originally streaming, it was talked about a decent chunk of the time. I wouldn’t go so far as saying it was huge success, but it did well enough for what it was. But there was zero noise on its finale. And now I understand why. The intrigue of the plot and characters (especially in later episodes) shows serious potential. However, the major plot becomes derailed almost immediately and once the sub plots take over, the show comes to a close having solved nearly nothing at all. While there is a decent amount of growth for one character or two, it isn’t enough for the show to feel complete. It actually just feels as if the whole thing just… petered out into nothing. Or, worse, left you with far more answers than when you started.
This is not to say it wasn’t entertaining to see up until then. Izumiko has the most growth over the show, fitting for a heroine, and it’s nice to see her able to stand up for herself quite a bit by the end. But a few tropes I don’t care for, such as the-bully-wasn’t-really-a-bully-cause-he-just-wanted-to-help-you-be-stronger crap trap, muddied the journey from time to time.
Overall, it’s a decent show with a great idea. It’s just too bad they were so concerned with getting it out there in the first place that they spent little time figuring out if they could complete it with the time frame they had. Or at least provide more closure….

Personal rating: Young adult

Episodes: 12
Language: sub and dub
Official rating: TVPG
Genre(s): Supernatural, action, drama
Company: FUNimation
Official streaming: Hulu


2 thoughts on “Red Data Girl Review

  1. Yeah, I remember I stopped talking about this show somewhere around its second half back when it was airing. I quite liked what I first saw of it – some gorgeous visuals, a main character and storyline with a lot of potential, the total lack of fanservice – but it eventually became so incoherent that I swear only sheer stubbornness kept me going until the end. That’s been my experience of most P.A.Works shows in a nutshell though; strong start, lousy finish.

    1. inrosegalaxy

      It’s such a shame. A really good editor/focus group might have been able to make it into something great. Sometimes loss of potential is more frustrating to me than just plain bad work. Because with crap, there’s little hope for it to begin with. To start with a hope of getting a good show and be robbed of it due to sheer laziness and/or pretentious ego… that sucks.

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