Nisekoi Review

[this review goes over both the first and second season, which have the same name, but are often separated on streaming sites as Nisekoi and Nisekoi 2]

Being the heir to a Yakuza gang isn’t easy for Raku Ichijo. It’s hard to hang with friends and it makes finding the girl he made that promise to when he was little near impossible. But when he comes home one day to find another gang from overseas is declaring war and the only way to stop it is to pretend to be in love with the rival gang leader’s daughter…. well, there are worse ways to get your first girlfriend, right?

There are far more “humorous” violence scenes than actual violence. A bit of blood here and there from falls and slap-stick, but nothing too big.

Another section that isn’t all that bad. A few sh-ts and b-words, but very few overall.

Although there is a face-into-chest cliché here and there, other than that, there’s not much in this section, thank goodness. There is one character that is taken as a boy at first, but is really a girl. Of course the whole thing is exposed by, well, her chest being exposed a bit. Cause there’s no other way to go about these things (I bet my sarcasm was so light you barely felt it). It’s more insulting to my intelligence than anything else.

Besides the typical shrine visit on New Years/ charms at festivals, there’s nothing much to say. As usual, there’s no doctrine being pushed.

Personal impression:
This series was frustrating to me. Not because it was cliché. Many romance driven anime are. But because there would be some bursts of good writing randomly throughout. Juuuust enough to get me to keep watching, but not enough to actually pull this series to where it would need to be to get on any recommendations list. Which is a real shame as the best part of the entire series occurs early on in season two concerning the heroine’s mother. The entire arc is actually touching and I would have signed up for far more episodes like that, looking into the relationships the characters have with their parents and how it affects their other relationships. Unfortunately the story shrivels up right after and we default right back to a borderline harem with some sparse comedy thrown in.
Overall, this anime was fine to play in the background as I did other work, with the exception of a few moments (and the mother episodes) truly catching my eye. But it couldn’t really keep up decent writing for an extended period of time and what potential it had at times it usually stabbed to death by overused anime romance clichés, such as the tsudere character type (which I despise) and the timid, pure girl without a voice trope. If the usual romance stereotypes don’t bother you, this series will probably be a fun watch. But if you tend to be hard on the genre, this series will likely just frustrate you. Especially when it ends having gained nearly no ground at all…

Personal rating: Young adult

Episodes: 33 (includes season 1 and 2)
Language: sub
Official rating: Not rated
Genre(s): Romance, drama, comedy
Company: Aniplex
Official streaming: Hulu


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