Garakowa -Restore the World- Review

In the distant future, the world is maintained by an advanced computer system. It monitors the environment and humanity prospers under its power. Deep within the computer, two AI based anti-virus programs keep the system clear of dangerous bugs bent on destroying valuable backup data of the earth’s history. When a strange rouge program appears with no idea as to its function, besides needing a “flower garden,” the anti-virus programs begin to expand beyond their original purpose, exploring what their creators might be like outside the computer system.

Most of the violence in this movie is fantasy based, so little to no blood. Mostly characters just risk their form being burst into pixels or turned into a dark monster thing, which stands in for viruses in their world. It’s not gory, but the fantasy stuff can be a bit disturbing in how it’s drawn, so I wouldn’t suggest this to very young viewers.

Nothing much here besides a few sh-ts and d-mns.

Besides some skimpy costumes, nothing to note here.

Although the beginning of the film implied human intelligence merging into a computer, that doesn’t really happen. In the end all characters are indeed AI systems and the humans they encounter through the database are simply shadows of the past. So long as the idea of AI doesn’t make your skin crawl, this movie is in the clear.

Personal impression:
This could have been a decent movie. Could have. Like so many shows, this movie made a critical error in wasting my time in a long montage instead of actually letting the characters grow close organically. The strange thing is, that organic growth was actually starting to happen prior to the montage. And after the sappy scenes of smiles and “adventures” ended, they were no closer… It was almost as if the creators were afraid I didn’t get the picture that this new companion was starting to fit in and thus had to force feed me the idea. In the end, it just wasted around five minutes of screen time in an already short film (the whole movie is only an hour).
That said, the music and art are decent. Although the story itself was actually pretty predictable. If you’ve watched/read enough science fiction, anime or otherwise, the tropes and twists are very common and thus this movie really did nothing at all for the genre. It breaks no new ground and the characters never get to bloom into 3D personalities.
Even so, it’s not a horrible watch. The lack of language and nudity was nice, even if the stereotypes were a bore, as usual.
The ideas at the beginning of the movie are good, and the first few minutes, while a bit chaotic, were very interesting. But the execution was too lazy overall, with time being wasted in gambles to force viewers to like the characters when simply letting us see their lives would have achieved such a goal far better.

Personal rating: TV14

Episodes: 1 (movie)
Language: Sub
Official rating: TV14
Genre(s): Action, drama
Company: Pony Canyon Inc
Official streaming: Crunchyroll


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