Warning Zone: ICE

2329The why:
Hulu does not mark this show as M rated, but it should be. The violence and full frontal nudity deserve it. Characters are decapitated, ripped apart and shot to pieces (there’s even a baby that gets murdered) with blood running everywhere. Then there’s the scene where half naked women are shown exhausted on the floor, leaving the strong implication of being used heavily for sex beforehand. There’s really no reason for this show to not be rated M.

Personal thoughts:
Nope. This sucked. So much. It’s short, but not nearly short enough. I kept hoping that things would even out and the story would make sense, but, alas, it never did. Some of the science fiction ideas were interesting, but it’s almost as if a bunch of promising ideas were put in a dehydrator. Except instead of sucking out the water, all the good possibilities were sucked out. From bad voice acting, horrid art and a script that couldn’t make up its mind on the rules of its own world, this OVA series was a mess I never want to see again. And wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.
Seriously though. How the heck did this pass on a PG14 rating? Wait. This was licensed for DVD release here? This was DUBBED? Who paid for this? And WHY??? See, this is why aliens are gonna kill us all. If the robots don’t first. And we deserve it. We do.


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