Noblesse: Awakening Review

After 820 years of sleeping, Cadis Etrama di Raizel wakes up to find a world where creatures of the night are working behind the scenes to obtain absolute power.

This is pretty much a vampire vs other supernatural creatures kinda story, so the violence is high. It nearly surpassed my limit, but if Trinity Blood scoots by, so does this. But be warned that there is a great deal of blood, bone crunching and threats of death.

The usual d-mns, sh-ts and b-stards. Nothing over the top, but definitely there.

Not much for this besides some skimpy outfits for the female villain.

If vampires and such bug you, skip this OVA.

Personal impression:
This is probably one of the weirdest OVAs I’ve watched, not because of the content itself but because it’s essentially a promo for a webcomic. I know this can’t be the only OVA like this out there, but this is definitely the first one I’ve come across. And the fact that it’s a promo very much affected the whole experience. For one thing, the enemy in this episode had to be established and wrapped up all in 31 minutes (yeah, it’s a tad longer than a regular episode). So you can imagine how rushed this felt, including the set up of the MC getting attached to his human classmates. Considering how little time they had, I think they actually did a decent job. I felt that the MC really did care for his new friends and it made the fight at the end not only valid, but a bit exciting.
All that said, this definitely has a bunch of holes and the enemy pulling the strings is, of course, not taken care of. After all, you’re supposed to go to their website and read the comic to continue this story. And I was tempted to do so, although I have not done so simply due to not having the time for it. But, hey, the promo works. It made me want to read a comic, which was the whole point. Sooo…. Maybe you’d like this? If you like vampire series that, while not really unique in terms of ideas, are well written for what they are, this OVA might be a good start for your webcomic addiction.
But if you’re not a huge webcomic fan, this will seem more than a little rushed.

Personal rating: Young adult

Episodes: 1 (OVA)
Languages: Sub
Official rating: TV14
Genre(s): Action, supernatural
Company: LINE webtoons
Official streaming: Crunchyroll


3 thoughts on “Noblesse: Awakening Review

  1. I never even ended up finishing this despite it being so short. I’m just adamant that any anime at all, unless it’s a direct sequel to a previously-released anime, has the ability to stand on its own. I don’t care what the source material is, whether or not it’s acting simply as promotional work, or what the length is like – I have to be able to find it coherent and strong on its own terms or I’m not interested, period.

    1. inrosegalaxy

      I personally found this one coherent, although “strong” probably isn’t quite a good descriptor. I actually don’t think I’ve seen a very “strong” show in awhile… ><

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