Arakawa Under the Bridge Review

On the edge of the Arakawa river, Ko Ichinomiya ends up indebted to a young girl who lives there. Unable to stand the idea of not paying back his debt, he readily agrees to stay with her, little knowing just how crazy this self-proclaimed “Venusian” and her friends are.

Despite the comedy being largely slap-stick, there is quite a bit of blood (no deaths. This is a comedy, after all). Shot wounds, scars re-opening and being slammed into the ground are rather common in this show. However, it’s often so over-the-top, I doubt it would be scary to anyone. Even so, if you have a violence aversion…. steer clear.

The usual b-words and sh-ts. Nothing out of the ordinary here.

This is actually a pretty clean show in this department. I can’t tell you how nice it is to be seeing less nudity in shows. I wonder how long this will keep up….

There is a supposed Catholic priest in this. I say “supposed” because he’s… kinda crazy. That said, some verses are quoted. Also a saying or two from Buddha.  Often these quotes are slightly altered for comedy’s sake or completely out of context. There’s really no message on spirituality to be had here. Just a string of jokes, each more over-the-top than the last.  (quick note: the jokes do not poke fun at the religions, but rather at the idiots who are quoting them incorrectly)

Personal impression:
This show was pretty funny. Crazy, but funny. It’s also surprisingly sweet. Most comedies tend to keep to the jokes and softer scenes are forgotten (a few exceptions exist, such as My Ordinary Life, of course). There was even a bit of character development. Sadly, the end of this show came up faster than I believe the creators intended and the build up for the MC to face his largest fear just… sizzled out. And because there was quite a bit of build up, the drop at the end was more than a little disappointing.
While this show is funny and even, at times, sweet, it still falls into the same issue so many anime do: not really going anywhere. If you need a comedic break, this is a really fun watch. But don’t get your hopes up for a strong conclusion.

Personal rating: Young adult

Episodes: 13
Languages: Sub
Official rating: TV14
Genre(s): Comedy, romance
Company: NIS America
Official streaming: Hulu

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