Wolf Girl and Black Prince Review

Embarrassed that she doesn’t have a boyfriend, Erika makes a snap decision one day to lie about being in a relationship with a hot guy she took a picture of one day. Unfortunately for her, this boy, Sata, happens to go to her school. And when he gets roped into the lie, Erika finds out the hard way that appearances can be deceiving.

Nothing too over-the-top, just the usual slap-stick injuries that go away reasonable quick. Some scraps here and there.

Occasional b-words and sh-ts. Nothing unusual for a TV14 show.

Nothing beyond bath scenes where no detail is shown. Some comments about sex here and there, nothing explicit though.

Beyond the shrine being around, nothing here to mention. As per usual, Japan never feels the need to explain its religion, so no discussion takes place.

Personal impression:
Considering my take on Amnesia and Say “I Love You,” my reaction to this little abusive gem should come as no surprise. In fact, I nearly bunked this in the Warning Zone as the relationship in this show is so very bad. But first things first, what actually occurs in this show? Well, as my brief summery reveals, the MC is pretty much indebted to this male character who isn’t a good guy. In fact, he’s pretty evil. Not wanting to be caught lying to her friends (which aren’t much better than her “boyfriend,” to be honest), the MC gets blackmailed into being her “boyfriend’s” dog. That’s right, she’s treated as an animal who is loyal even in the face of abuse. And I don’t say this lightly. In fact, this guy actually admits as much very early on, saying how she can’t run from him no matter how bad he treats her. The show blazingly tries to push this off as a way to feel sorry for this abusive character, as if to say, “look how lonely he is.” But his isolation is a direct result of his behavior. Sata is an abuser. He wants control over everything in his life, right down to the people around him. He delights in watching others suffer on his terms and can’t stand to see the MC happy outside of his terms. He constantly belittles and isolates the MC, resorting to violence when other males get near her. When she reaches a breaking point and nearly leaves him, he then turns nice, often just long enough to claim her as “his” again before leaving her alone once more.
Considering how many people I know who have been in abusive relationships, this show was near traumatizing for me to watch. I kept thinking the heroine would leave, but it only grew worse.
If this show allowed the heroine to leave her abuser at the end, this would be a well executed and very realistic show on abuse, showing why so many tend fall for abusers and how they end up staying for so long. But as it stands, this show is pushing off this couple as legit and we are meant to pity the abuser, a damaging message to send.
If you always wondered how smart girls get tricked into staying with abusers, this is actually a good show to watch to understand why (just check out the many commentors who sympathize with the abuser). But if you want a good ending, you will not find it here. Just a sad story of abuse pushed off as a romance.

Personal rating: Young adult

Episodes: 12
Languages: Sub
Official rating: TV14
Genre(s): Romance, drama, comedy
Company: Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation (YTV)
Official streaming: Crunchyroll


6 thoughts on “Wolf Girl and Black Prince Review

  1. The first time I tried this anime, I didn’t get beyond the second episode because I hated the set up and the two main characters. She get’s herself into the mess with her ridiculous need to fit in and he is not someone who is ready to be in any kind of human relationship. The second time I watched this anime I pushed through and continued on and if the anime had started mid-season, it would still be a dysfunctional relationship but you could almost forgive her for staying with him. However, the first half of the anime exists and while this anime has some comedic moments, mostly it is uncomfortable to watch and to call it any kind of romance would be a joke.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this anime.

    1. inrosegalaxy

      Preeeetty much. It’s a distressing show. But perhaps even more so is that fact that so many like it and honestly find it romantic…. >_<

      1. If they told me they found it amusing (given it is portrayed in a mostly comedic light) I would understand. But to find it romantic is a bit of a stretch.

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