The Heroic Legend of Arslan Review

When Prince Arslan’s father is betrayed and captured by an invading kingdom, the fourteen year old is thrust into the political world early. He must learn what it is to be king as well as what it will take to survive in a war torn kingdom.

This show earns it’s TV14 rating in this section alone. The levels are between FMA: Brotherhood and Trinity Blood, so lots of blood gushing, limbs being removed and whatnot. I will mention, however, that unlike the before mentioned shows, this one shows a few animals being badly hurt/killed which, quite frankly, was disturbing for me to watch and might be for you. So be well warned on that.

Nothing unusual here. Typical sh-ts and d-mns level.

Aside from two female characters that like to show miles of cleavage for no conceivable reason, nothing to report.

Differences in religion between various kingdoms is actually a major plot element of this show. And because some of the religions closely resemble some of our own, I have little doubt this bit will be rather uncomfortable for some viewers. Especially as one particular nation uses its “one god only” religion as an excuse to mass murder “unbelievers.” If this topic makes you uneasy, you’ll want to skip this show as this theme is unavoidable.

Personal impression:
I was quite impressed with this show at its beginning and even enjoyed it for awhile. However, as the show progressed, certain clichés began to pop up, especially concerning the female cast, which was rather small to begin with. The clichés were ones I personally find to be the most obnoxious and thus they pretty much ruined the show for me. Three of the worst offenders (all embodied in female characters) were: the very experienced priestess-warrior who wears almost no clothing for no reason, the immature entailed brat who fancies an older character who does not fancy her back, and the self-righteous tsundere character. Aside from the silent queen, these where the only female characters and you can imagine just how quickly I grew tired of them.
In comparison, the male cast wasn’t too bad. That said, there wasn’t nearly as much character growth as I had hoped for in the beginning, and, thus, I was largely disappointed.
As far as music and art goes, it was pretty good, actually. Although, the CGI that was used frequently in the large fight scenes to manipulate all the horses wasn’t always the same quality (you could definitely tell when budgeting/time was tight for production based on how smoothly the horses moved in the episode).
Overall, I think this show was decent for what it was: an action adventure. But if you want more actual development, not to mention better characters, turn to Yona of the Dawn or Snow White with Red Hair (I just realized that I didn’t review that one?! So sorry! That’ll be next week!). Or, if that’s not enough action for you, FMA: Brotherhood, Black Cat or Trinity Blood. 
Oh and just to give a heads up, there should be another season slated soon, which I will review in the future as this season answers very few questions in its run. Hopefully we’ll get some more development in this coming season, too. As it stands, this show is ok, but nothing to write home about.

Personal rating: Young adult

Episodes: 25 (+ one recap only episode)
Languages: Sub
Official rating: TV14
Genre: Action, fantasy, adventure
Company: FUNimation
Official streaming: Hulu


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