Tanaka-kun is Always Listless Review

Tanaka’s greatest goal in life is to be lazy. Napping is his favorite pastime, daydreaming a sport. School, friends and his sister, however, can sometimes make being listless a bit difficult.

Besides slap stick and fake dead bodies in a high school haunted house, nothing too bad in this. Very tame.

Another tame section. A few d-mns and sh-ts, but very little.

Besides seeing a few characters in swimsuits, nothing to report.

There’s a haunted house, Tanaka praying at a temple to always be able to be listless and even mentions of casting spells to retain a seating arrangement at school, but all are in comedy situations, so unless you are hyper sensitive, this section won’t be any issue for you.

Personal impression:
Say what you will about the number of laid-back shows this last season, but this one sure earned its title. In fact, there’s really little else to this besides, well, Tanaka being listless. If you really wanted to stretch it, you could say there is a little, itty-bitty amount character development for one or two characters. But, honestly, it’s so small I don’t really count it.
This isn’t to say this show was horrible. By no means. It was, after all, pleasant. I even cracked a smile here and there. That said, this series is slow going and has less plot than a Seinfeld episode. Also, what humor there is, also takes up the tone of the title: listless. Not that the jokes were made in a lazy fashion, parse. It’s just that the “punchlines” kinda… float to you. Slowly. Softly. If you’re used to the more quick hit comedies of anime (like Azumanga Daioh or My Ordinary Life), you might feel a bit bored with this show.
Overall, it was good at what it set itself up to be. The art and music also keep to the lazy, floating feeling and if that’s what helps you relax after a stressful day, this show is an answer to prayer. Just don’t go looking to this one for heavy parodies or quick jabs of laughter. It’s far too easy-going for that.

Personal rating: 10 +

Episodes: 12
Languages: Sub
Official rating: PG
Genre: Slice of life, comedy
Company: Shochiku
Official streaming: Crunchyroll

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