Agata is unable to feel any pain at all. But soon he won’t have much of a choice as he and many other classmates from his school are kidnapped and forced to take part of a strange experiment that connects everyone together through their pain…

Due to the situation, violence is rather a given for this show. It never gets past FMA levels, with only battered bodies, bloody cuts and such being the worst. Honestly the mere idea of children being exposed to these kinds of “experiments” is more gruesome than anything actually shown on screen.

The usual TV14 fare, sh-ts, d-mns and b-words on occasion.

We get some uncomfortable situations where girls and guys get too chummy with others who do not wish to be chummy, but other than that and some guys being shirtless, we’re in the clear.

Religion doesn’t really come up in this show.

Personal impression:
This series was a see-saw for me. There were times I rather enjoyed it and times I felt bored. Largely I think this had to do with the writing and how much screen time the long winded anti-hero/villainess Sonozaki had. Pompous speeches are always on thin ice with me in anime. If they strike the right cord, I simply find them funny and move on. If they don’t, I get annoyed and bored. You can guess which one this series often fell into. When Sonozzzzzz-chan wasn’t going round and round in circles in a speech, I rather enjoyed myself. The main cast play off one another rather well, even if they’re over-the-top to the max. Watching them become true friends was also oddly satisfying. I probably would have liked this show as much as Shirobako if not for the above mentioned tripe speeches and the obsession in the show with this really dumb bird-like mascot creature. I had flashbacks to Penguindrum. Not good ones. Perhaps some might find them to be a welcome break in an otherwise rather dark show, but I just found them to be too distracting and they pulled me out of the flow of the series too frequently.
All that said, the action is strong in this title, as is the art, which is quite lovely, if a bit angular. The music is decent, matching the action and sorrowful scenes well. And the main cast is largely entertaining. As far as action titles for this last season goes, this one won for me. That said, some of the philosophical drivel spouted out here and there can get a bit annoying, so be warned.

Personal rating: Young adult

Episodes: 12
Languages: sub
Official rating: TV14
Genre: Action, fantasy, drama
Company:ABC Asahi
Official streaming: Crunchyroll

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