Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto Review

Sakamoto is exceptional high school student. Very exceptional.

Once or twice some characters get beat up and there are bloody noses and cuts and whatnot. While it’s not frequent, the way it’s done can be a bit violent as it is not often done for comedy, interestingly enough.

Some sh-ts and d-mns and b-words. Nothing too excessive. Typical PG14 stuff.

Aside from some bare chests (males only), nothing constant to note here. That said, there is one episode where Sakamoto is recruited to get a hold of porn for some friends. Nothing is shown. Also, there is a mother of one of the side characters who is very… attracted -no obsessed- with Sakamoto. It’s a very uncomfortable element so be warned on that one.

Besides shrines seen now and then, there is an entire scene where some girls play a “summoning” game. Nothing really happens, but it’s there.

Personal impression:
Some comedies just don’t hit the funny-bone quite right. This is one of them. At first I wasn’t sure why I wasn’t laughing at this. Ever. Then I watched a few re-runs of some of my favorite comedy anime titles with a friend and it struck me. This show has no straight-man characters. None. Every extreme, over-the-top scene passes by with no comment as to the ridiculousness of the event. And while this occasionally happens in some other comedies, there are usually some moments when someone, somewhere, reacts more reasonably. A counter-point, you might say, to the zaniness of the jokes. But this show didn’t have that and it made a huge difference. Perhaps the creators thought the audience could be the straight-man? If so, I don’t think it worked. All the jokes, with punchlines waiting to hit, just…. die in midair.
Overall this was another title that I felt really underperformed this past streaming season. It was clearly a parody, yet action shows like FMA have more comedy than this.
The art was decent and the music was actually rather catchy (kinda jazzy, a pretty good choice for this sort of show). But the characters and story were dull and the jokes, which should be funny, just never landed. If you hate straight-man characters in your comedy, this is for you. But don’t underestimate the power they have. Because without them, crazy can be rather… dull.

Personal rating: Young adult

Episodes: 12
Languages: sub
Official rating: TV14
Genre: Comedy, slice of life
Company: TBS
Official streaming: Crunchyroll

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4 thoughts on “Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto Review

  1. It’s a shame because I think the premise of this could have been funny if, like you said, there was someone to help offset all the ridiculousness. The timing admittedly wasn’t great anyway though – this anime might have worked a lot better as a short instead of a full-length episode series, because as it stands it was just way too slow to get to the punchline (assuming any of the jokes actually had them to begin with). I gave up completely after episode… 3, I think it was, with the classmate’s mother. It made me uncomfortable to the point of repulsion.

    • Interesting idea about the length. It might have helped.
      And, yes, the whole thing with that mother was so unnecessary. Because it flat out wasn’t funny to begin with.

  2. Definitely not for everyone, as I’m generally open to any ridiculous comedy, straight man or no, this one had me laughing for the majority of it. The “mother dilemma” was a bit off putting, but nothign that really bugged me.

    I agree with your guess about the straight man being played by the audience, as my thoughts while watching it were basically in line with what a straight man would be saying.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it. I wasn’t seeing a ton of good feedback on it, so I was thinking it was just way off, but it seems it’s just a very particular brand of humor.

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