Warning Zone: Charlotte

charlotte_animeThe What:
This hyper violent show follows Yu, a young teen who has the ability to temporarily take over someone else’s body. When a girl named Nao discovers this, he is forced to transfer to her school and comes face to face with others that also have unusual abilities.

The Why: 
Gonna be real here and admit that I’m far more willing to slam a show for having sex and rape than I am to call out violence levels. If you’ve been around for awhile, you’d know that I’m pretty conflicted with this as some shows, such as Trinity Blood, FMA: Brotherhood and the recent Legend of Arslan contain very high amounts of violence yet avoided being WZ-ed. Looking back, perhaps they should have been. Regardless, this show was so hyper violent that I cringe at the fact that it has been left as “Not Rated.” Knowing next to nothing about the show myself, I went into it thinking, at most, the violence would be fairly regular TV14 fare. And, for much of the series (aside from an early flashback of torture) it is. It stays within safe TV14 bounds for over half its run. But as the series drew near its end, the violence sky rocketed. Characters were tortured to the point of loosing all their teeth and fingernails, eyeballs were sliced and then there was the screaming…. It was all quite graphic and disturbing and there was little warning that the show would venture into such an extreme. Especially considering how light over half the series was.
That said, this series was overall rather unique in that the creators clearly didn’t shy away from showing the very ugly (sometimes violent) nature of grief. More than once the MC gets so lost emotionally that he goes pretty psychotic. It’s done well and for that reason is often just as disturbing as the torture scenes. Good writing and directing (as far as the grief goes. The plot itself was a real cop-out there at the end), but a bit too real for me.
I would never recommend this show to anyone due to the level of violence and how unnerving it can be on and off. The end episodes defiantly gave me a bit of anxiety (and were depressing) to watch, so be well warned. Because I certainly wasn’t.


2 thoughts on “Warning Zone: Charlotte

  1. Charlotte definitely lured us in with a slightly lighter and sweeter tone during the first episodes than the rest of the series delivers. For me that was a good thing. Just when I thought it was going to be a generic high-school students with super powers story it stepped up and started making me really feel for the characters as they went through some truly horrible experiences. If nothing else, Charlotte told a good story and made itself memorable.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on it.

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