Code: Breaker Review

Code BreakerStory:
Rei is not even close to ordinary. He’s a government secret agent with deadly powers. When Sekura witnesses the tail-end of one of his assassinations, both her life and Rei’s alter.

Pretty high stuff. This show openly advertised its connections to Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood‘s director and other action shows in the same violence category. While it never gets worse than FMA (actually it’s a bit less so), blood, gunshot wounds, broken bones and dead bodies are shown.

Again, pretty typical PG14 stuff. D-mns, sh-ts and a few b-words here and there.

Shockingly, there’s nothing to put here.

The assassins in this show use a modified version of a Biblical passage as catch phrases before a kill. Conversations on morals, however, leave out any religious discussion so these quotes are simply that: quotes taken out of context.

Personal impression:
I enjoyed this show on and off and, by the end, have some mixed feelings about it overall. As far as their bragging rights of being related to FMA go, I can see where that came from. There are some heavy tones that reminded me of that anime quite often. Even the animation and movement recalled that show here and there.
That said, this anime’s biggest failing was in having a far more simplistic world compared to FMA, yet not fully resolving the issues presented in that world. I understand condensing things down when you have a shorter series, but if that’s going to be the case, things should properly conclude. Unfortunately, it seems the creators were hoping to be funded for another season and thus held back. It was a poor choice as the ending feels cut off and frustrating.
On the plus side, while none of the characters were too unique outside of our female lead, they weren’t horrid either. The animation remains consistent and the music is decent. But decent and “not horrid,” aren’t exactly great complements for an anime. The ending arc brings up some great ethical questions and thankfully the main heroes all stand firm in their beliefs for what was right. But the very end still ended up leaving a great many innocents at the hands of evil people and the heroes don’t seem to… do anything about it. The series closes with a near cliffhanger that seems to contradict the good ethics that were discussed only minutes before.
Honestly, if you don’t get too hung up on “open” endings, you might like this title just fine. But if you prefer to have more closure, you might wanna pass on this one.

Personal rating: Young adult

Episodes: 13
Languages: Sub and dub
Official rating: TV14
Genres: Action
Company: FUNimation
Official streaming: Hulu


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