Assassination Classroom Review

When a strange tentacle monster destroys half the moon and threatens to do the same to the rest of the world within a year, classroom 3E doesn’t think too much about it. They have it hard enough being the lowest ranking students in one of Japan’s most elite private schools. But when their new teacher turns out to be that same tentacle monster, this classroom of misfits put down their pencils and apply themselves to one single goal: kill their teacher before the one year deadline is up!

Considering that killing their teacher is the goal for this story, violence shouldn’t come as any surprise. That said, their teacher isn’t human so the violence is pretty tame most of the time. Even so, with other government agents and such popping up here and there, blood and death does come up. There’s even one assassin that doesn’t have… skin on their face. It’s pretty creepy looking and not pleasant to think too much about either. It doesn’t quite pass FMA or Trinity Blood levels, but it is up there with them, so be well warned.

Pretty average levels for a TV14 show save for one instance: one of 3E’s teachers has a hard to like personality at first and the students give her the nickname of B-tch-sensei. It’s said pretty frequently, so be warned. Outside of that, however, nothing too out of the ordinary.

The before mentioned female teacher often uses her sexual attraction to kill her victims. She’s very blunt with it as well. Also, our tentacle teacher is a huge fan of large chests, something of which is a running gag used against him multiple times.
You don’t have to worry about any outright nudity, but this show isn’t devoid of fanservice either.

Besides a few Buddha references, which aren’t really religious in nature, nothing to note here.

Personal impression:
I didn’t think I would enjoy this show. I had started watching it back when it was first out and, for some reason, stopped. I picked it up once again when a few fans were chatting about it on another site. I’m happy to say that this show defiantly picks up from the first episode. The comedy hits and rarely lets up and we even get enough legit character development to feel for most, if not all, our characters. And we have quite a large cast of them to boot. While a few are rather forgetful, most stick around long enough to give off the feeling that this is a real classroom full of all kinds of students with various problems, goals and dreams. While there are stereotypes here and there, I didn’t find any characters to be annoying or even all that irritating outside of the villain characters, which isn’t a bad thing in my mind.
As far as music and animation, they seemed rather standard overall. I didn’t find that either really stood out too much. That said, there was no indication of the quality jumping all over the map either.
Overall, I really liked this series and even laughed quite a bit. It’s a pretty solid show and I got rather attached to the class as a whole. The ending even left me in tears, a feat few shows ever accomplish. If you don’t mind some violence in your anime, this is a great series to check out. It defiantly earned the hype it received upon its initial release. Especially as this show actually had a solid conclusion, something few anime have anymore.

Personal rating: Young adult

Episodes: 47
Languages: Sub and dub
Official rating: TV14
Genres: Action, comedy
Company: FUNimation
Official streaming: Hulu


2 thoughts on “Assassination Classroom Review

  1. Assassination Classroom really does make you cry at the end which isn’t something you expect from the set up of the show or at all during the first season and yet it is such a natural progression with the students in the class growing up throughout the first and second season that the ending just hits you hard.
    Thanks for sharing.

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