Maoyu: Archenemy & Hero Review

Hero has been fighting to defeat the deadly Demon King for years. When he manages to get inside the castle and face his foe, it is not a king he sees, but a queen! Knowing that her defeat would only bring about civil war, she makes a deal with the human’s Hero for a truce. But a lot of work must be done to ensure it, calming both sides and blending their cultures to stop any and all future war. With both economies dependent upon the war effort, their task will not be easy.

While we deal with quite a few fantasy creatures, the violence is still there. Blood from various injuries here and there, but nothing too bad. Pretty typical levels for TV14.

A few d-mns and sh-ts. Also a few b-words on occasion. Nothing new.

Fanservice often resulting from the heroine’s very large chest are sprinkled throughout the show. That said, it doesn’t really go far beyond that, thankfully.

This is the section that will probably make or break this show for you. As you can see from the basic story, this is a world where humans and demons have been fighting for years. As is typical of anime, the traditional ideas of “demon” are pretty much reduced to them being monsters with magic. That said, the human religion, which shows signs of being Catholic like in nature, is dragged around as an excuse for humans to continue their war on demons throughout the show, which some might find insulting. While nothing is explained in extreme detail religion-wise, there are far more over and undertones of it in this show than most anime. If that makes you uncomfortable, this one should be skipped.

Personal impression:
This was actually a really great show. If you liked Spice and Wolf, you’re going to enjoy this title. Despite the fact that outright war is a looming threat the whole way, almost all of this show focuses on political and economic maneuvering to bring about and ensure peace between two factions that have never been so. The ideas are far more mature than most anime ever touch with a ten foot pole and they are handled very well. Also, because this show only has one season, things move along at a very fast pace, so if the slower walk of Spice wasn’t your cup of tea, this might be.
Animation and music were pretty typical overall, yet consistent. The characters themselves are no big surprise either. Yet the shining star of this show is definitely its attention to detail for its plot. If you enjoy more mature takes on take on what it would be like if two kingdoms were always at war, this show will give you want you want. You’ll even find a rather sweet growing relationship between our leads, another aspect that is shared with Spice.

Personal rating: Young adult

Episodes: 12
Languages: Sub
Official rating: TV14
Genre: Action, drama
Company: Sentai Filmworks
Official streaming: Hulu


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