Sweetness & Lightning Review

Kohei is a single father and school teacher who can’t cook to save his life. Feeling like he’s letting his small daughter down, he begs culinary help from one of his students who’s mother is a professional chef.

None. Kohei gets one or two toddler kicks to the face in temper-tantrums, but nothing even remotely serious.

Another one we’re safe on. There might be one or two spots where an older character curses to themselves, but sh-t is as harsh as it ever gets.

Another one you don’t have to worry about. Nudity free!

Aside from a magical girl show being a favorite of Kohei’s daughter, nothing much going on here either.

Personal impression:
It’s pretty rare for me to review a show that is safe for anyone to watch, but I’m always happy when I do. And, I won’t lie, I enjoyed this nice, cheerful break from the usual drama in anime.
That said, near the end of this show’s run, we did get a bit more melancholy thrown our way. Even so, this show remained largely bright, which was nice considering the other shows in my line up this season.
As far as characters go, no one stood out as super unique, but nothing was too terribly written either. There were hints of character development, but not as much as I would have liked. The art and music kept up with the theme of the show and the mood and remained consistent. And, blissfully, we avoided any strange romantic entanglements.
Overall, this is a great little feel-good show. It has a few serious moments, but they don’t last too long and thus you almost always end on a good note.
If you want a nice, safe, bright show that makes you want to eat and cook up a storm, this is a great watch.

Personal rating: All ages

Episodes: 12
Languages: Sub
Official rating: TVPG
Genre: Slice of life
Company: Sumitomo Corp
Official streaming: Crunchyroll

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2 thoughts on “Sweetness & Lightning Review

  1. I liked Sweetness and Lightning a fair bit. I was a touch worried that Kotori was crushing on her teacher, but they didn’t go there (at least not in the anime, the manga is ongoing AFAIK).

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