B-Project Review

Tsubasa is a new hire at Gandala music. Before she can adjust to going from working retail to being inside the music industry itself, she’s assigned as the new A&R for a large boy band called B-Project.

Aside from some scrapes and one character being sick enough to cough blood once or twice, there’s not much here.

Some sh-ts, but other than that we’re clear.

Shirtless scenes with the boys is as bad as it gets.

For most of the show, seeing shrines in the background is it for this section. However, one episode decided to have one of the boys sensitive to spirits and to have a good ol’ “careful, that sword can posses people” arc. It’s only for one episode, but it’s there, for reasons I couldn’t explain even when drunk.

Personal impression:
This show is horrid. I mean, it wasn’t the worst of the season, but it got pretty close. Now, to be clear, I didn’t go into this show with any real hope for it being super good. I knew the best it could manage would be mediocre.
But it couldn’t even manage that. Know why? Because the creators realized, having only three episodes left, that they needed a dark evil mastermind enemy, complete with a “your father killed my entire family” back story. So they pulled one out of thin air, destroyed everything and, in the last five minutes of the last episode, brought everyone together again for rainbows and sunshine and fireworks.
I’m not even kidding, there were fireworks. Or the MC imagined there were. It was really hard to figure out if what was happening was real or not at the end, what with plane doors being jettisoned and people flying onto a stage in an empty auditorium on ropes…. To call this show a mess would be an understatement. Which is so weird because for almost the entire run, this series was plain-Jane. Nothing bad, but nothing good. It’s almost as if the creators had a spazz attack and it bled right into their work. Maybe that’s what happened.
In any case, the art, music and everything else besides the last three episodes or so are stereotypical to a fault. If you like pretty boys in your shows, but want the romance stuff to take a hike for a bit (surprisingly, romance plays almost no role in this show), this one is ok.
Until, ya know, those last few episodes. Then you’ll wonder if the whole damn show was one giant prank.

Personal rating: 10+

Episodes: 12
Languages: Sub
Official rating: TVPG
Genres: Drama, slice of life
Company: ABC Asahi
Official streaming: Crunchyroll


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