I’ve Always Liked You Review

Natsuki Enomoto has a huge crush on her childhood friend, Yu Setoguchi. When she manages to confess her feelings towards him, she chickens out halfway through, claiming the whole thing was just “practice” so she’d be ready to confess to the one she really loves later. Believing her, Yu keeps his own feeling for her hidden as day after day she continues to “practice” confessing her love.

Pretty non-existent besides some characters staring each other down (dem angry gazes tho).

Super light. Besides a few d-mns, it’s not really there.

Aside from a few shower/bath scenes where no details are shown at all, nothing here to report either, which is nice.

The usual shrines and charms for good luck are here and there, but no discourse on religion or theology take place.

Personal impression:
This whole mini-movie has no point or substance to it beyond getting two characters together. And maybe seeing her friends get together too. That’s… really it. Nothing else is going on. There are no points being made outside of that. Now, if you’re chill with that, you might like this one. It does a good job of portraying friendship and early love which is really the whole goal of this title so there’s nothing really to gripe about. I suppose if you like more comedy alongside your romance, this might not do it for ya, but other than that, there’s little to fault this show for.
Even the music and art are… fine. Not great, not bad, just fine. Which is overall how I feel about this whole production. It wasn’t something that blew me away or made me super happy to watch (like Kimi ni Todoke or My LOVE story!), but it didn’t made me angry and want to slit my wrists (like Say “I love you” or Wolf Girl). So if all you want is a sweet romance that doesn’t try to be or do anything else, give this one a go. I think you’ll find nothing too objectionable in it (besides perhaps finding the leads to be a bit less interesting than the side characters).

Personal rating: 10+

Episodes: 1 (movie)
Languages: sub
Official rating: TVPG
Genres: Romance, slice of life
Company: Aniplex
Official streaming: Crunchyroll


Warning Zone: Ange Vierge

AngeThe What:
Magical girls fly around and are supposed to save the earth and be a team and who cares cause no one watches this title for the damn “story.”

The Why:
Crunchyroll still hasn’t a tag to be seen on this one, thus I just want to give a shout out that this is a soft porn title. No way around it. Remember Freezing years back? Yeah, that lame piece of trash FUNimation was pushing down everyone’s throats 24/7 for months on end? This is essentially just like it. Lots of naked scenes where convenient, strategically placed beams of light just happen to cover details. That said, these naked characters get into very compromising positions and discussions so there’s zero doubt as to what this title is going for.
As mentioned before, these titles are usually pretty obvious to me, but this one just sounded like a bland set up with the usual fanservice amounts. Nope. Soft porn.
And not even good soft porn (if there is such a thing), so this is probably one of the most pointless shows of this past season. You’ve been warned.

Qualidea Code Review

When the earth is invaded by the Unknowns, children around the world are put into cold sleep in the hopes of awakening them in a safer future. But when they do awake, the world is still defending itself and they find they have special powers which they can use to help defend their planet.

Decently high. We see blood wounds and a few characters supposedly die (some aren’t really dead though).

Another one that isn’t too far from the TV14 norm, sh-ts, d-mns and a few b-words are sprinkled throughout, but no excessive uses.

We get a bikini episode right at the get-go, so this show is not above petty fanservice. I wouldn’t say it gets too out of control, -everything is covered- but it was hardly needed.

Aside from aliens and the implications of having children fight wars for you, not much to say here.

Personal impression:
Welcome to the worst show of the season! Well, the worst one I finished. There were a few that got tossed out the door episode one (see my last Taste Test post for more on that).
Back to this turd of a show – I honestly feel like this title is a poster child for We’re-Flying-By-The-Seat-Of-Our-Pants. The opening episode, while not super unique, showed promise. It went downhill from there faster than an overloaded trailer with bad brakes on a rarely maintained mountain pass. The plot had more holes than a pair of Crocs, the dialog made me want to rip my own head off to stop my brain from transforming into a void, and while the characters were consistent, they were such painful stereotypes that watching them was akin to being punched in the gut after overeating at Taco Bell.
Comparisons aside, it was clear when we got a playful bikini episode near the beginning that the creators had completely given up and any chance this show might have had at being even remotely interesting was dead.
Then the last few episodes happened. Somehow they managed to turn the plot around into something kinda entertaining. Not that it made logical sense or fit into the mood of the show at all, but, hey, I’m happy to take a break from the constant grind battles and brain killing “banter.” The sad part however was the timing. It was too little, too late to save the show and just ended up feeling strange, like two shows had been sliced into one to save the studio on air time. That last bit was far more interesting than over half the show and it’s a shame it took the creators that long to figure out which story they really wanted to tell.
Overall, the only solid this show had going for it was a sweet ost. It’s just too bad the show couldn’t keep up with its own background music.

Personal rating: Young adult

Episodes: 12
Languages: sub
Official rating: TV14
Genre: Action, fantasy, science fiction
Company: Aniplex
Official streaming: Crunchyroll

Warning Zone: Taboo Tattoo

tabooThe What:
So this kid, with no special attributes besides wanting “to be strong” (woooah soooo original), runs into a homeless guy and gets a power. BAM! He’s gotta fight pretty much everyone, even the people he’ll probably work for eventually. But first they must fight. Because reasons.

The Why:
Besides being a bit lack luster in the set up, this show has an uncomfortable amount of not only fanservice, but outright nudity. As usual, Crunchyroll has no idea how to tag anything and thus here we are.
Of course, that alone doesn’t always garner a WZ, but the violence is REALLY high in this one too. Blood gushing everywhere, screams of intense pain, the crunching of bones. Think Charlotte levels, here.
So, basically, if nudity and/or violence aren’t your thing, stay away. Honestly, it was so bad I had to drop this show after only three episodes. CR really needs to get on top of some kind of content tagging system…. I have my limits too.

…Seriously, I have nothing else to add. This show seemed to have nearly nothing going for it. You could say the fight scenes were well choreographed. Maybe the idea of such a strange world order seems cool (nations and alliances seem different in this one). But other that that, this show just doesn’t have much going on to be worth the nudity and violence.