Warning Zone: Taboo Tattoo

tabooThe What:
So this kid, with no special attributes besides wanting “to be strong” (woooah soooo original), runs into a homeless guy and gets a power. BAM! He’s gotta fight pretty much everyone, even the people he’ll probably work for eventually. But first they must fight. Because reasons.

The Why:
Besides being a bit lack luster in the set up, this show has an uncomfortable amount of not only fanservice, but outright nudity. As usual, Crunchyroll has no idea how to tag anything and thus here we are.
Of course, that alone doesn’t always garner a WZ, but the violence is REALLY high in this one too. Blood gushing everywhere, screams of intense pain, the crunching of bones. Think Charlotte levels, here.
So, basically, if nudity and/or violence aren’t your thing, stay away. Honestly, it was so bad I had to drop this show after only three episodes. CR really needs to get on top of some kind of content tagging system…. I have my limits too.

…Seriously, I have nothing else to add. This show seemed to have nearly nothing going for it. You could say the fight scenes were well choreographed. Maybe the idea of such a strange world order seems cool (nations and alliances seem different in this one). But other that that, this show just doesn’t have much going on to be worth the nudity and violence.


3 thoughts on “Warning Zone: Taboo Tattoo

  1. The fight scenes got worse and the choreography of those was about the only positive in those opening episodes. After that the series derailed and just became an irritating mess.

    1. inrosegalaxy

      Well, I certainly am glad I jumped ship on that one then.
      This morning when I got my email that the post went up fine I was re-thinking how harsh I had been. Nice to know this show truly had it coming and it wasn’t just me who ended up irritated.

      1. If you check out my review of the series (though you don’t need to bother), this is one of the very few series I actually openly declared I hated. I almost never say that about a show because even if I don’t like it I usually consider who the actual intended audience might be. Taboo Tattoo was just dreadful.

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