Qualidea Code Review

When the earth is invaded by the Unknowns, children around the world are put into cold sleep in the hopes of awakening them in a safer future. But when they do awake, the world is still defending itself and they find they have special powers which they can use to help defend their planet.

Decently high. We see blood wounds and a few characters supposedly die (some aren’t really dead though).

Another one that isn’t too far from the TV14 norm, sh-ts, d-mns and a few b-words are sprinkled throughout, but no excessive uses.

We get a bikini episode right at the get-go, so this show is not above petty fanservice. I wouldn’t say it gets too out of control, -everything is covered- but it was hardly needed.

Aside from aliens and the implications of having children fight wars for you, not much to say here.

Personal impression:
Welcome to the worst show of the season! Well, the worst one I finished. There were a few that got tossed out the door episode one (see my last Taste Test post for more on that).
Back to this turd of a show – I honestly feel like this title is a poster child for We’re-Flying-By-The-Seat-Of-Our-Pants. The opening episode, while not super unique, showed promise. It went downhill from there faster than an overloaded trailer with bad brakes on a rarely maintained mountain pass. The plot had more holes than a pair of Crocs, the dialog made me want to rip my own head off to stop my brain from transforming into a void, and while the characters were consistent, they were such painful stereotypes that watching them was akin to being punched in the gut after overeating at Taco Bell.
Comparisons aside, it was clear when we got a playful bikini episode near the beginning that the creators had completely given up and any chance this show might have had at being even remotely interesting was dead.
Then the last few episodes happened. Somehow they managed to turn the plot around into something kinda entertaining. Not that it made logical sense or fit into the mood of the show at all, but, hey, I’m happy to take a break from the constant grind battles and brain killing “banter.” The sad part however was the timing. It was too little, too late to save the show and just ended up feeling strange, like two shows had been sliced into one to save the studio on air time. That last bit was far more interesting than over half the show and it’s a shame it took the creators that long to figure out which story they really wanted to tell.
Overall, the only solid this show had going for it was a sweet ost. It’s just too bad the show couldn’t keep up with its own background music.

Personal rating: Young adult

Episodes: 12
Languages: sub
Official rating: TV14
Genre: Action, fantasy, science fiction
Company: Aniplex
Official streaming: Crunchyroll

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