Warning Zone: Ange Vierge

AngeThe What:
Magical girls fly around and are supposed to save the earth and be a team and who cares cause no one watches this title for the damn “story.”

The Why:
Crunchyroll still hasn’t a tag to be seen on this one, thus I just want to give a shout out that this is a soft porn title. No way around it. Remember Freezing years back? Yeah, that lame piece of trash FUNimation was pushing down everyone’s throats 24/7 for months on end? This is essentially just like it. Lots of naked scenes where convenient, strategically placed beams of light just happen to cover details. That said, these naked characters get into very compromising positions and discussions so there’s zero doubt as to what this title is going for.
As mentioned before, these titles are usually pretty obvious to me, but this one just sounded like a bland set up with the usual fanservice amounts. Nope. Soft porn.
And not even good soft porn (if there is such a thing), so this is probably one of the most pointless shows of this past season. You’ve been warned.


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