Alderamin on the Sky Review

Ikta Solork is lazy. Very lazy. He’s even proud of being lazy. But he’s also insanely talented at strategy. Raised by a man who was accused and killed for treason, Ikta’s talents don’t remain hidden for very long. Found out by the Empire’s princess, he soon gets dragged straight into a war zone, his skills being the army’s only hope for survival.

High. Aside from people being shot at, there’s also stab wounds, people sliced in half and fingers getting cut off. While it doesn’t focus on these events over much (thankfully we stay away from outright gore), there’s a decent amount of blood and it’s not something that can be ignored easily.

Sh-ts, and d-mns are the majority, but there’s a few b-words thrown here and there. Pretty rarely though, for a TV14 title.

Another thing we actually get spared. There’s very little nudity. The worse we get are some implied jokes and such. Ikta brags of being, and is implied he actually might be, a lady’s man, but we don’t have to witness that in this series so who knows. In any case, talk is as far as it gets.

An interesting element to this show is the world’s built in religions and how they affect the different  nations’ politics and warfare. While parallels could be drawn between some of these views and current world religions, this is a clear fantasy world. I mean, they have spirit creatures that can shoot laser beams from their stomachs. While this theology aspect makes the world super realistic (spirit creatures aside) and well built, I wouldn’t read into it over much. I will say that the MC’s personal views on God are discussed at one point, so if these things even being a topic bugs you, that’ll likely tick you off. That said, many of the characters in this show have very clear, differing world views from one another, so I wouldn’t say this show is trying to brain wash anyone.

Personal impression:
This was one of the better titles last season. Not only is the world well built, but the finely detailed politics and war strategies are pretty bomb. Now, in the last Taste Testing (due to various issues with Crunchyroll and whatnot, this current season didn’t get such a testing. Good job there Crashyroll) I did mention how many of the main characters weren’t too special. Unfortunately that doesn’t really change. It’s also worth noting that there’s very little actual character development. Yes, they go through some tough stuff, but all the main characters pretty much already had it in them to get through such things from episode one, they just end up more melancholy by the end. That’s it. One or two of the side characters actually get far more development by the end credits than anyone in the lead cast, but even so don’t come here looking for big character realizations and whatnot.
However, if you liked some of the realistic war and society stuff from shows like Maoyu and Spice and Wolf, this one might be your thing. Just be warned there’s far more action and violence in this title and a lot less of the romance aspect.

Personal rating: Young adult

Episodes: 13
Languages: sub
Official rating: TV14
Genres: Action, fantasy
Company: Warner Japan
Official streaming: Crunchyroll

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2 thoughts on “Alderamin on the Sky Review

  1. Alderamin was defintely an interesting show and I really enjoyed spending time with the characters. It has a few rough edges and a couple of the episodes seem to drag a little too much, but overall its a nice military fantasy. Thanks for sharing.

    • Yeah, the military aspect really was well fashioned. If the characterization had been a bit more up to snuff I probably would have given even better ratings. A lot of fantasy shows could learn from this one.

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