Kiss Him, Not Me Review

Kae Serinuma loves boy love! And by “love” we mean she’s “obsessed.” So when she manages to attract the attention of four very handsome young classmates, she can’t help but ship them together, much to the young men’s distress.

Besides slap stick, comedy nose bleeds and a few flashes to the shows Serinuma likes, not too bad. This said, one episode contains some violent history on a warlord with makes the blood more serious as it’s not for comedy purposes. These flashes are brief however.

Not much here besides some sh-ts and d-mns.

While there’s more fanservice of males than females in this show, it’s still surprisingly tame. Heck, Yuri on Ice had more shirtless scenes and suggestive camera angles than this one. So besides some suggestive talk between anime fans on their ships, not much here.

Remember my mention of Japanese history up top? Well, that episode contains a strange arc where the characters supposedly battle a ghost. In the end it’s heavily implied they were all accidentally high off bad mushrooms (I’m not even kidding), so theoretically it never happened. Still, there’s a decent amount of temples and such in this show so if anything like that bugs you, be warned.

Personal impression:
This title was hilarious. While it still had more than its fair share of cliches, it also had a rather unique approach to drama as the heroine in question was nearly too otaku to function. A fact the male leads not only had to come to terms with, but accept. They also had to deal with the concept of loving Serinuma regardless of what weight she was.
Oh, I didn’t mention that earlier. The series actually starts out with our lead being overweight and not really seen as a romantic option by anyone (at first). She suddenly loses weight after her favorite character in a show dies and she goes into mourning. I was afraid at first that the issue of the male leads loving her simply for her body wouldn’t be addressed. Thankfully, I was wrong and the series actually took that one on. While the result was still rough around the edges, I appreciate how this show made it clear that Serinuma was lovable and desired, regardless of what her body looked like.
As for art and music, this show had nothing new to offer. And the ending wasn’t new either. If you hate shows that pretty much end where they began, this title isn’t for you. I’m just going to warn you now that this series follows one of the biggest shojou tropes ever: keeping the reverse harem intact at all costs. Interestingly enough, this didn’t put me off the show. Considering our lead’s personality, it was oddly fitting. Even so, it’s worth noting for those out there who want more heavy duty character progression in their anime.

Personal rating: Young adult

Episodes: 12
Languages: Sub
Official rating: TV14
Genres: Romance, comedy
Production: Brain’s Base
Company: TBS
Official streaming: Crunchyroll


5 thoughts on “Kiss Him, Not Me Review

    1. inrosegalaxy

      Thing was, I did too, but they actually addressed the issue of liking somone based on looks in the show. I didn’t think they would, but they did.
      As far as nutrition goes, they didn’t really go after that at all though so if that what you wanted this wasn’t going to give you that

  1. This probably comes across as incredibly petty, but one of things that grated on me the most about this show was the fact that, after losing all that weight (and I guess either switching to contacts for some reason or her sight being miraculously cured), Serinuma’s voice also changes. She goes from sounding like a frumpy 40-year old to the typical high-schooler-who-sounds-like-she’s-10, and I was never able to get over that.

    1. inrosegalaxy

      I found that annoying, but generally ignored it. I can see how that would be a huge turn off if you’re more sensitive to sounds though.
      And, honestly, you could read into that. Japan’s mentality towards overweight people is pretty bad. Even though body image is sorta addressed (in as far as liking someone for more than their body), there were a few jokes here and there that ONLY work when overweight is seen as an extreme negative. And while being overweight isn’t good, parse, actual health and nutrition aren’t really brought up and that could have been handled better, tbh

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