Daisuke Higashida is unfortunate enough to be the oldest child of a family of idiots. When his father loses his job and doesn’t get another, he’s forced to work part-time himself to get enough money for his family to live. He also has the horrid luck of applying for said job at a family restaurant filled with crazy people.

Slap stick only for this one, though some of that slap stick does use blood and such as a visual aid now and again so be warned.

The usual TV14 levels of d-mn and sh-t apply.

Besides some innuendo in a few spots, nothing to put in this section, which is nice.

One character can see and communicate with the dead, a running joke in the show. Her mother is also an exorcist. One character is supposedly a ghost herself. If these things bug you, you might want to skip this show.

Personal impression:
This show was easily the funniest of the season for me. The cast was solid and not as predictable as I had originally feared. Which isn’t to say this was super unique. Not quite. But it was very enjoyable as it was also a title I ran into by accident. At the time I started this one, no one else was really talking about it.
Art and music don’t stand out in the slightest, and the plot doesn’t really exist, so really the comedy is the only selling point for this title. But it sells it well. Even the couples that form as the series progresses continue to be comedic landmines, despite (or perhaps because of) their happy endings. If you’re worried romantic angles will take away from the comedy, this is one title that goes in the opposite direction. It gets funnier. There’s even a bit of character growth thrown in near the end.
Overall, if you’d like a comedy with little to no depth and/or ever wished Spock was an anime lead, this might be the one for you (our main male lead is known for being pretty emotionless on the outside).

Personal rating: Young adult

Episodes: 13
Languages: sub
Official rating: TV14
Genres: Comedy, slice of life
Production: A-1 Pictures
Company: Aniplex
Official streaming: Crunchyroll