Girlish Number Review

Chitose Karasuma is a newbie to the voice acting business. With almost no experience and an unexplainable amount of self-confidence veering into egomania, she lands a lead role for an upcoming anime that has more than a few kinks to work out…

Super low here aside from some slapstick stuff, but even then it’s pretty rare.

Another low one. A few dumb-ss comments and maybe one or two b-words, but that’s over the entire show. This one was pretty light. But then, most slice of life titles are so long as the leads aren’t super violent or sarcastic in nature.

A bit more here. We have one or two flashes of a bath scene with rear nudity that the girls are voicing over. It’s very quick stuff and besides that we just have the required bikini episode and insinuating talk here and there concerning the girls being “easy on the eyes.” It’s not a progressive show by any stretch of the imagination, but I did appreciate not being subjugated to an insane amount of fanservice. Especially considering the set up.

Besides seeing temples in the background and the girls tying their wishes to a tree branch, nothing to speak of here.

Personal impression:
Another anime riffing on anime production? Well, I still like learning tidbits about what the industry is like on the other end. When I was a kid, finding out how things really worked was like watching magic disappear from the planet, but now that I’m older it’s a bit encouraging. Because I see that this huge project really just stared with a few people and slowly grew and changed over time, but even so, it was still up to a key group. One person is therefore capable of far more than we think, often times.
Putting that aside, however, this show was a blander look at the industry than other takes in the past. Shirobako was enjoyable to me because we were clearly dealing with adults in their field. It was also far more focused on how things were actually getting made due to the lead being part of the producing team. While this show does reveal a bit of the production side of things, usually in the form of negotiations with the author and directing teams, its main lens is squarely on the shoulders of our lead, Chitose, who, quite frankly, I found to be annoying around 80% of the time. While I was able to finally warm up to her slightly by the end, I left this show feeling lukewarm over her character development, which wasn’t much progress at all (we also don’t get to witness her acting improving all that much, but have to depend on what other characters say about it). In fact, two side characters get further along in their stories than Chitose does. Although that hardly saved the show for me as their “development” was painfully cliche. It was the old “my parents are kinda rude to me, but they mean well and I eventually find that out and we ignore how rude they are because intent excuses people from being jerks” run through. And while I understand that Japan is very family-first minded, this particular storyline is getting beyond old.
In the end, the story itself was focused far more on drama and cute girls in the industry than on the industry itself, so if Shirobako was too much production for you, this might be more your speed. Just don’t expect any new territory to be broken here. Or many questions on voice acting getting answered either.

Personal rating: 10+

Episodes: 12
Languages: sub
Official rating: TV14
Genres: Slice of life, drama
Production: Diomedea
Company: Sentai Filmworks
Official streaming: Yahoo View and Crunchyroll 

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