Prince of Stride: Alternative Review

Nana and Takeru really want to reboot their school’s stride club, a sport for running complex relays. But first they have to convince one more schoolmate to join and he’s not keen on joining anything.

We get a few falls that end in broken bones and such, but we’re spared any blood baths. Which is amazing considering how dangerous this stride thing is. Just sayin’.

D-mns and sh-ts are pretty much the extent on this one. It’s not super common, so I feel like this show can afford a gentler rating. A nice change.

Besides some shirtless scenes for the guys and one of the teammates having a thing for feeling up people’s legs (to see if they would be good runners), nothing to put in here.

Besides the usual temples here and there in the background as well as some philosophical stuff about emotions and connecting to each other through sports, this section is clear as well.

Personal impression:
This show is pretty… flatlined? It kinda reminded me of Flying Witch. Not that it’s slow. It’s really not. There’s the running and some jokes and lots of dialog and whatnot. Stuff is going on constantly. It’s just not all that… gripping. I did have moments of this series that were quite enjoyable (the growing friendships some of the team has with competing teams was refreshing), I never felt like I needed to see the next episode when one ended. It just… was there. I probably would have dropped this show all together if not for Crunchyroll having so many technical issues that I’ve had to go elsewhere (including the new Yahoo View) to watch anime, thus having less selection than usual (good news: CR is working on and off again so I am still getting into this season’s stream. It’s just slow moving).
The music is forgettable and the art is barely passing. Which is also what I feel towards this… “sport.” But the characters are overall pleasant and we get to avoid any romance angles, which is a nice enough break for a show with a single female lead. If you need something to pass time or need a break from more intense shows, this is a good one. It’s not slow. It’s just not.. spellbinding. Which isn’t the worst criticism I’ve given out.

Personal rating: 10+

Episodes: 12
Languages: sub and dub
Official rating: PG
Genre: Drama, sports, slice of life
Company: Kadokawa/FUNimation
Production: Madhouse
Official streaming: Yahoo View


One thought on “Prince of Stride: Alternative Review

  1. I’d have to agree with your thoughts on this one. It’s perfectly watchable but there’s no real compelling reason to watch it. I enjoyed it enough and I might rewatch at some point when I just want to zone out, but it isn’t exactly a title I’d recommend.

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