Gugure! Kokkuri-san Review

Kohina thinks she’s doll. A doll who is obsessed with ramen to an inhuman degree. One day she makes the mistake of trying to summon Kokkuri-san in a game. Turns out the fox spirit can’t stand to see children all alone and thus begins Kohina’s days living under the same roof as an ancient youkai.

There’s a ton of slap-stick comedy in this show so expect to see a lot of nose bleeds and injuries from fantastical stunts. None of it is serious, but it’s not something that’s rare in this one either…

We get a few b-words between the youkai, but often it stops at d-mn or sh-t.

The youkai have a few scenes of shirtlessness (while in male form) and there is one instance of a male turning into a female with a large chest. The usual jokes and remarks are made. Also, one of the youkai is a womanizer. It is mentioned often and there are multiple scenes of him being a grade A creeper, like plotting to look up girls’ skirts. Most of it is just talk, but the implications aren’t nice. Another uncomfortable element is one youkai’s crush on the VERY young girl lead. It’s something that almost made me drop the show. That said, the other characters don’t see it as normal and it is treated like a joke. Still… it’s unnerving that anyone would find that kind of thing funny to begin with…

Youkai.  If you aren’t chill with ’em, skip this. Also, there are stories of spirits being left behind and such (aka ghosts). So yeah, very supernatural based story here.

Personal impression:
This was a show I started to watch back when it was first airing. As you can guess, it was dropped after only a handful of episodes. As per usual, I’ve only finished this show due to it’s availability on an easier to use platform (Yahoo View). And also because it got funnier as the series went on. Thank goodness.
I’m going to admit right here that this series really takes its time finding a good setup. But once it finds its own comedy, it gets pretty darn great. Around episode 6 or 7 the cast evens out and the jokes start landing. From alien classmates to Kokkuri-san worrying about hair loss, this show actually made me laugh quite a bit during the last half of its run.
That said, I’m still unsure if I’d recommend this show. Taking that long to find your rhythm isn’t a good first impression, plus there’s all that shady business with one of the youkai making creepy pedophile comments about the lead (who’s still in grade school).
Overall, I’d say skip towards the middle of the show to see if it’s your jam. And if not… well, there’s quite a mix of other comedy anime out there without pedophile materials-
…..Actually… now that I think about it…. All the big titles kinda have at least one pedo character…. Uuuh… well… that’s a topic for another day I guess.

Personal rating: Young adult

Episodes: 12
Languages: sub
Official rating: TV14
Genres: Fantasy, comedy
Production: TMS Entertainment
Company: Sentai Filmworks
Official streaming: Yahoo View


2 thoughts on “Gugure! Kokkuri-san Review

    1. inrosegalaxy

      Yeah I feel that. Like I said, the comedy doesn’t really hit till at least halfway through. For that alone I would never recommend it. Unless someone had honestly burned through every other comedy available at the time and needed a filler show

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