Interviews With Monster Girls Review

Takahashu Tetsuo is a new high school teacher who is doing research on demi-humans, people that are half monster, half human. Luckily for him, four of them go to the same school he works at and are chicks. What could be weird about this?

Super low, but there is mention of violence as well as artwork images when characters are discussing old legends. Nothing super graphic or frequent, however.

Another low one. Aside from d-mns, this is pretty tame language-wise.

This is where the bulk of the YA rating from me comes from. One of the four (only four??) demis is a succubus. Yeeeah. Expect big boobs on this one, the “jokes” that comes with em and uncomfortable comments from the males concerning this character. Oh and bath scenes are common, though we see no details.

Clearly this show contains supernatural elements. Vampires, succubus, snow women and dullahans. Aren’t chill with that? Skip this show. Even though it’s a slice of life in tone, the supernatural topics are addressed every episode.

Personal impression:
This show is a confusing one for me. Not because of the plot or having complex characters, but simply because of the show’s general tone towards certain characters. Primarily towards the only succubus character in the show. She’s a teacher (so at least we don’t have the added issue of a teenager with stranger danger scenes), but there are more than one or two scenes in which her nature (which she has almost zero control over) villainizes her. In one particular episode it is suggested (heavily) that because of her power of awakening sexual desire, cases of assault and such are her fault/men can’t control themselves around her. One could probably write an entire academic paper on all the issues with that, but to highlight only one: her “power,” according to the show, is a release of extra pheromones, not brainwashing/control. Therefore, yes, the males CAN control themselves, a fact evidenced by the main male lead teacher who -shocking!- controls himself rather well. However, other characters continue to insist that control isn’t possible, placing all blame on succubus for incidences. It’s a nasty element to this show that tainted it near the end rather badly for me. And that’s a shame because overall this show was pretty nice. Not amazing, but decent. The music and art weren’t anything to chat up, but the overall progression of the story and characters was quite pleasant. There’s even an arc right near the end that addresses the demis and their regular classmates trying to understand one another better. Considering how the demis’ unique needs and restrictions due to their natures can easily be seen as symbolism for various minority groups, the arc was handled rather brilliantly as it concluded that treating those who are different as if they aren’t can actually be more damaging than acknowledging differences and embracing them. It’s a heavy topic for a slice of life and I gotta admit to being impressed with the outcome. The only downside of it was that it didn’t happen sooner. Scenes of the demis and normal students interacting was surprising sweet and I would have REALLY enjoyed more of that. I actually think focusing more on the students and their personal relationships with their classmates would have been a FAR better show than their teacher trying to “get” them. Especially as it’d sound a lot less condescending…
In short, this show was definitely one of the better shows of this last season. Not the best, but decent. Something this season was low on. Soooo, props?

Personal rating: Young adult

Episodes: 12
Languages: sub
Official rating: TV14
Genre: Slice of life, fantasy
Production: A-1 Pictures
Company: Kodansha Ltd
Official streaming: Crunchyroll


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