ACCA: 13-Territory Inspection Dept. Review

Jean works for ACCA, a system made up of thirteen different districts united under one organization for peace and prosperity. Jean’s job is to monitor these districts and ensure everything is running as it should. But soon rumors of a coup d’etat begin to swirl around the nation…

Pretty low. That said, at least one or two people get shot at or stabbed in this show, but it’s not focused on at all and the scenes go by quickly.

Another tame sector. Aside from a few cases of the b-word, we’re pretty clear. Enough to push it just beyond the 10+ age rating for me though…

We get a solid pass on this one. In fact, there’s no nudity at all. It’s pretty awesome.

Don’t have to worry over this one. There’s pretty much no religion or religious items to speak of in this show.

Personal impression:
This is one heck of a slow burn. In fact, it’s the slowest burn I’ve ever seen. That said, unlike other shows with a laid back attitude, I feel like this show actually… did it correctly. The tone fit in perfectly with Jean’s personal style and kept the show amazingly realistic. Even the climax of the show fit the overall tone.
Now, does that mean this was an amazing show? Well, that depends. If you like political drama, this show is pretty much perfect. It handles the idea of peaceful coup d’etats wonderfully, making each sector unique and both their desires for and fear of change realistic.
All that said, the show takes a long time not only letting the audience in on what’s really going on, but also letting the main character in on it. It doesn’t help that our lead is so emotionally distant either. It might have helped if we saw a bit more to humanize our lead early on, making us legit care about why this guy is getting caught up in things. Might have made me worry about it more, upping the tension. As it was, I never felt worried about the characters. Everything felt too… chill for that. Even when assassinates get involved, everything is played out in such a laid back manner that it’s hard to feel true concern. Which ends up being this show’s largest weakness: it’s just too emotionally distant.
Again, if you like political drama, especially the kind that steers clear of violence, this might be for you. It also has some pretty snazzy art and nice music. Just be warned that this show is the anime equivalent of watching embers burn. In fact, I think that was the name for one of the episodes…

Personal rating: Young adult

Episodes: 12
Language: sub
Official rating: TV14
Genre: Drama
Production: Madhouse
Company: Bandai Visual
Official streaming: Crunchyroll

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3 thoughts on “ACCA: 13-Territory Inspection Dept. Review

  1. Slow burn is a good descriptor. I really loved it, but then again I do kind of like watching embers burn so maybe that explains it. Mostly I just found the story well thought out and feel the audience was given the information they needed, when they needed it, and I loved how it kept me guessing the rest of the time.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  2. “In fact, there’s no nudity at all. It’s pretty awesome.”

    Inorite? It’s so refreshing when that happens (albeit also sad that I have to set the bar that low).

    I thought ACCA was decent in terms of characters and story, but what really kept me watching was the style with which it delivered everything. I don’t want to say style over substance exactly, because that makes it sound like there was no substance at all and I don’t think that’s the case. But I must admit, it was the likes of that fantastic jazzy OP, smooth soundtrack in general, and the eye-popping artwork that raised the show above average for me.

    • I agree. If the subject matter hadn’t been so serious and there being at least one or two instances of blood, I might have been able to make this show safe for even younger audiences (though kids would get bored pretty fast, I’d think). Because yeah it’s pretty clean overall and that was great because it let you focus completely on the plot. Which is good as we know pretty much nothing for some time and have to figure out quite a bit as we go.
      It was definitely a unique show. More so than I thought it’d be. And the ending was really fitting, too. When I neared the end I was worried they would change the pace up, but thankfully the whole show was pretty smooth, pacing wise.

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