La Corda d’Oro ~primo passo~ Review

So there’s this fairy that owes a human for saving its life so it decides to repay him generations later when the guy is dead and buried and doesn’t care anymore so it gives a random girl the ability to play the violin with no prior training and thus enter the school wide competition because reasons. Yeah, it’s just an excuse to surround our heroine with hot guys.

Pretty low here. Aside from a character getting a few cuts on her hand from broken glass, you’re in the clear here.

Nothing too heavy here. Usually only a d-mn or two. I don’t readily recall anything worse, nor anything too frequent.

Another thing we’re spared. I honestly have nothing to note in this section.

There’s a fairy in this. And a magic violin. If that bugs you, this show ain’t your cup o’ tea.

Personal impression:
For a romance title, this show certainly isn’t horrible. It even has a few elements of our lead character addressing her own issues with her friends, something we don’t always get in these kind of shows. We also get a decent amount of legitimate character development, the kind that aids the lead and has little to do with the male cast.
That said the music is subpar overall (all the classical music is nice, but that’s not really something this show can take credit for) and so is the art.
Again, this is a decent romance show. It’s not as good as shows like Ouran or My LOVE Story, but if you’re craving a reverse harem show without the usual flimsy leads, this one is… fine.
But that fairy is pretty obnoxious, gotta say… I just can’t stand these cute-for-cute’s-sake characters anymore. I’m too dead inside.

Personal rating: 10+

Episode: 28 (includes season one and two)
Languages: sub
Official rating: PG
Genre: Romance, fantasy, drama
Production: Yumeta Company
Company: Aniplex/Sentai Filmworks
Official streaming: Crunchyroll 


4 thoughts on “La Corda d’Oro ~primo passo~ Review

    1. inrosegalaxy

      Funny you should mention that. It’s already in my cue. Still too early in the series to say much on it yet though ;)

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