La Corda D’Oro -Blue Sky- Review

A bunch of guys and one girl are entering a huge musical competition for little actual reward beyond saying “we won this huge thing.” Supposedly love ensues as well, but not really and, well, it’s pretty obvious this was a cash grab by this franchise to make more off the well known game La Corda D’Oro. REALLY obvious.

There is an episode that shows some typical anime bullying and such, but we don’t see much actual violence, just implied through dialog and tone.

Nothing much here besides some sh-ts. Tame overall.

Another clear area. Some characters make a few very vague innuendos, but it’s tame enough that you can miss it pretty easily.

You know how the original anime adaption had the whole fairy and magical violin thing? Well, toss that right out the window because we only see that fairy at the very end (we’re talking the last two minutes of the entire series) and it plays no role whatsoever in the plot. So if you’re super sensitive, maybe skip this, but for everyone else this really shouldn’t be an issue.

Personal impression:
This is another show I’d play while reviewing my kanji compounds and doing chores. Again this shows you exactly how riveting, or lack thereof, this was to watch.
Even if shoujo trash is your thing, this show is incredibly boring. The “romance” is a joke as it really doesn’t occur at all. And normally I’d actually be chill with that except there’s not much else going on either. The lead is already super talented, though she lacks a bit of confidence. In fact, the only growth she had was her looking someone in the eye and saying “no.” Eeeexcept she wasn’t super crippled by her ever so slightly lower confidence to begin with. So the change is so small, if you blink, you miss it.
And the male characters are even worse. Otome games are known for their bland stereotype male leads, but this show was so flat it hurt. The only interesting dynamic was perhaps between two male violinists and how one looked up to the other to the point of doubting his own skill set, but the show somehow managed to water even that down.
Then there’s the “drama.” Which is a joke. Truly. The first anime of this franchise showed some cheesy visuals of what people would imagine while music was being played and, yeah, it was cliched, but this spin off left “cheesy” lightyears behind. The musical finals near the end show visions of a solar eclipse. A giant solar eclipse. I couldn’t make this up if I tried. There was a solar eclipse as the lead “villain,” complete with cape, bemoaned how he had to survive for years with a “humiliation worse than death.” Spoiler alert: the heroine pitied him once.
…People got paid for this….
Anyway, I suppose if you, like me, enjoy having some background noise on while doing chores or homework, this is a clean show and pretty toothless (thus the All Ages rating). But otherwise… pass on this (even the pretty boys aren’t that pretty. Just sayin’)

Personal rating: All Ages

Episodes: 12
Languages: sub and dub
Official rating: TV14
Genre: Drama, fantasy, otome/romance
Company: TYO animations
Production: NTV/Sentai Filmworks
Official streaming: Crunchyroll


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